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heater works fine and blows either windshield or direct cabin heat or both. When I select cabin and floor, the floor heat does not come out, only the cabin. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Check


Question about 2001 Pathfinder

1 Answer

...white and has 2 of them, if the sensor has 4 cables, both white cables are the ones going to the heater...if its a 3 cable sensor, again, the white one. hope this helps have fun underneath that ...


my battery light came on and the heater stopped working and the gauges stopped as well in my 1995 pathfinder 3.0 v6.i replaced the altenator and the battery and have checked all fuses i can and its ... like that and it feels like there is very little power behind it when it is like that (also my heater doesn't work when it is like this). After driving it a ways, most of the time it

Question about 1989 Pathfinder

1 Answer

...heater/a/c blower, headlights,heated seats,stereo etc...) Start the engine (after battery is charged) remove one of your battery cables while the engine is running, if the engine immediately stalls ...

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