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Question about 2003 Lancer

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...glove box, the problem is that now after removing the fan motor, cleaning it and the housing and re attaching it, my fan will not work on speed settings 1-3 but blows on setting 4. the strange thing ...


...the new one. it is not to hard to do but it is fidle you may need to remove the glove box if the cable is on that side any way have a look and let me no wat you see and ill try to walk you through ...


glove box that's in your car and look for a card. That card should carry the anti-theft code for your stereo. If you could not find it, you need to pull out the stereo and get the serial number of the

glove box you will see it on you left hand side It will be a very tight fit, Sure take about 30 to 40 minture. Let me know if this help you.. brooke_lacey, I know it's been a while since you asked for

Question about 2003 Lancer

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glove box door, pop the plastic open and just insert the filter. But anyhow, im not a mechanic and im not 100% on what the things are called, but i talked to Mitsubishi and they told me what i needed,

...glove box light? interrior light? boot light? if not jamming relay or even alt. Most obvious would be a device left on in the car or opened truck that looks closes.... more likely the ...

Question about 2003 Lancer

1 Answer too little dont over due it and air conditioners air filter is called a cabin air filter and you pull out your glove box and theres two bolts to remove the cover for cabin air filter hope this ...

...glove box/cubby hole. Remove the ECU cover. Locate the middle of the 3 connectors(orange) and pin 43 on that (orange) plug (3rd hole from the left, top row when viewed from the wire side) This is the ...

glove box for lancer how do I remove glove box to change filter Here are instructions on how to remove a glove box on a Honda Accord: 1. Remove these items: Dashboard center lower cover and Passenger&

Question about 2002 Lancer

1 Answer

glove box To remove a 90' Bronco glovebox: Start by removing your stock glove box door. Take off all hinges, latches and support etc----------------------------------------------------------------

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