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Question about 2001 Elantra

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glove box is probably the only access. i doubt you will find a schematic just take lots of pictures while taking appart of what each screw looks like as it comes out. most the heater vents are in your

Ad attaches to on the other end the cable to the blend door is probably frozen remove the glove box the cable goes to the blend door behind the glove try to move it manualy,if its ok replace the ...

Ad removing only the glove box and the heater core cover trim. No kidding. In fact, after I discovered it was leaking, I practically re-did the entire repair with only the glove box removed.

...glove compartment. It is difficult to know when one will blow. Also, you should learn borrow a fuse from a less critical circuit. For example, it is possible to do without power for the radio or air ...

Question about 2001 Elantra

1 Answer

...glove box, and tried removing it, but I couldn't quite figure out how to. I did remove two clips on each side, but there seems to be more that I need done before getting the glove box out of the way. ...

the meter.When the reading drops when you pull a given fuse then this is the problem circuit [ie cigar lighter etc]Hope you get sorted but check all the basics first ie trunk light,glove box light etc

How do I change the cabin air filter in a 2009 Hyundai Elantra? take out the gloves box,remove the lock to the filter cover and pull the air filter replace it with new. fix the cover n  gloves ... fuse box. You may need to consult the manual for the location of the fuse box, it is either under the blood at the passenger side under or inside the glove box or at the right of the drivers

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