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Question about 2001 Sebring

3 Answers

my 2001 chrysler sebring has been fine, but tonight i put they key in and it wont turn, it feels like something mechanical not electrical...they key goes in and out, just wont turn....any thoughts? ...


Question about 1998 Sebring

1 Answer

...edition V6 2.5L and when it has rained over night or my car is parked outside and it is moist or foggy. It does not want to start, and when it does start i have to hold down the gas for about two ...


Question about 2000 Sebring

2 Answers

The ignition key won't turn. I have a 2000 chrysler sebring that the key will not turn in the ignition to start it. Also the steering wheel does not lock which may be a factor. Tryed spare key with no

i have 98 chrysler sebring and my ignition is lock and i cant turn my car on First if the steering wheel is locked try to turn the steering wheel away from the locked position and and jiggle the key ...

Question about 2007 Sebring Sedan

2 Answers

my keys are stuck in the ignition of my 2007 sebring The tumblers inside the key lock cylinder has jambed up causing this to happen. The only remendy is to replace the key lock cylinder shifter ...

Question about 2008 Sebring Convertible

1 Answer

how do you replace the ignition switch on a 1996 sebring convert1ble? or is possible to just replace the lock cylinder? You can just replace the lock cylinder. If thats what you want to replace im ...

Won't start; some electrical problem. If I turn the key 10 to 20 times it will eventually start and run fine. Sometimes it will start on first attempt. Hot or cold........this situation has been ...

how do i access ignition cylinder tumblers for replacement? I have new tumblers for cylinder remove cyl from column, replace cyl body only, carefully remove each tumbler with a small screw driver ...

Question about 2004 Sebring

3 Answers

...clean. Use a soft sponge and dry it with a flannel or some cloth. If the headlights are scratched/foggy you might want to use the 3M Headlight Restoration Kit (never used it personally, but it's ...

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