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light on rear passenger side. If it's a fuse how do I change it? I found fuses under steering wheel but not sure which one to try. take it to your local garage they should check your fuses for


Question about 2006 Megane 1.5

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my rear near side brake is stuck on Some vehicles have a fog taillight that will stay on constantly, should be a button to disable it.


...light no central locking, no dash board lights This looks like a blown fuse. You will have to check the fuses, I'd suggest to start with the high amp fuses located in the fuse box hidden between the ...

...not working,don't know where the fuse box is for that particular light.i've looked in the fuse box in the glove compartment and by the battery but no joy...please help what light are you referring

...light rear fog lamps when switched on bulbs checked neither is the high level brake light working bulbs checked. other brake lights working. I have the similar problem with my 2000 model. On mine I ...

...fog lamps etc... Also check for a burned out connection or a melted terminal contact board used for the high beam-low beam switch which is usually located inside the steering column. Good luck. Does ...

...lights fog light and reversing light not working but brakebar is working fuses and bulbs fine bulbs and fuses there is no live feed There's probably more than one fuse, just have keep looking for

fog light symbol comes on the dash with brakes and indicates?? Hi you have a bad earth or relay on the system some where. just to aliminate a couple of things to see if the back boards(clusters)are ok

...fog light located? fuse labelled 'F1R' which is 20A and dedicated to the rear fog lamps. Interestingly it looks like this same fuse also is responsible for all the rear brake lights. If they don't ...

...fog light not working...bulb change fuse check also wire partner seems to think indicator stalk as when turning on and off comes on but turns off almost instantly....any help?? the switch could be ...

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