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Question about 1996 Sentra

1 Answer

...on me. Thanks, Jean Llave Land O Lakes, FL Code P400 is an EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) valve malfunction. These cars are known for the EGR ports getting clogged. The valves themselves rarely


...455- Evaporative emission control System leak detected (check exhaust system, egr valve, or entire intake and exhaust system) PO440- Evaporative Emission System Malfunction (also check oxygen


...valve and sol. It may be that the passage to the exhaust is blocked also. You need to check the passages from the egr valve to the intake to see if there is excessive carbon buildup thereby blocking ...

IS THE TAPPET CLEARANCE FOR NISSAN GA 15 CARBURATED,INTAKE AND EXHAUST? what is the tappet clearance setting for the ga15 nissan sunny i need help to know the clearance of intake and the exhaust valve

Question about 1990 Sentra

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...exhaust valve clearance of 12 valve engine. i do not know but give these websites a try and if all fails stop by your local library and get your hands on a Haynes ...

...runs on oil pressure. This will cause your tick noise. If your engine is burning oil the catalyst may be at fault. They break up and enter the engine through the exhaust valve and damage the

Question about 2004 Sentra

1 Answer

nissan b12 1600 engine, valve clearance exhaust .012 - .023 intake .008 - .019

Question about 1998 Sentra

1 Answer

...exhaust recirculation EGR valve malfunction. The passages beneath the egr valve may be plugged with carbon deposits, restricting or blocking exhaust flow back into the intake. Or the computer control ...

...exhaust hangers. also headlights low and high beams won't work, but emergency flashers, parking lights and brake lights are fine. fuses are all ok. Hi Kate,sounds like your valves need ...

Question about 2006 Sentra 2.5

1 Answer

...valve or bent valves give me restriction so that my car doesn't rev past a certain RPM or loss of power Bent valves cause no compression in the cylinder. 1 cylinder the car will start but run badly. ...

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