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Question about 2008 Cobalt

2 Answers

error code(s)" and they will be able to advise you on your options / solutions. Or, take your vehicle to your nearest parts store that runs a code scan for free, and this will help isolate the problem


light will not turn off 2007 chevy cobalt if your refering to the check engine light the car has detected a error in itsself have code pulled fix error light will go off


Question about 2007 Cobalt Coupe

1 Answer coolant temperature sensor below range, change sensor. p0604 is pcm random access mem ( ram error. it may mean the pcm has failed, have it checked

error code P1330? code P1330?

Question about 2009 Cobalt

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12/can-car-radio-code-block-passkey-anti.html ---------- After Market Stereo wiring for 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500?

2 error codes on 2006 chevy cobalt p2101 and p 1516 P1516 IMRC Input Error (Bank 1)P2101 Throttle Actuator Control Motor Circuit Range/Performance---------fgtech v53

...code p2610 came on It started after I jumped the battery Error p2610 means the clock in the ECM and soaker timer of the EVAP system doesn't syncronize. Usually that is caused by a bad ECM since it's ...

Question about 2008 Cobalt

1 Answer

... to me, but that should trigger some engine-warning light on the dashboard (and definitely internal error codes). The dashboard-light could be broken ofcourse. Would suggest taking it to a dealer for ...

2006 chevy cobalt is po651 voltage sensor That code is a general location error code. According to what Ive read it has to be on a garage scanner to pin point the exact fault within that general error

...Loose or damaged wiring Defective throttle body Defective powertrain control module (PCM) Any fault/error that will affect drivability function Any fault/error that will affect vehicle performance A ...

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