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...code 12 and I need to know what it stands for. the truck is a chevy k1500series excab 4x4 theresa According to what I've read, a code 12 on your vehicle is the "all clear" code. I haven't found any ...


Question about 1992 K1500

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code it flashed 12 twice than flashed 42 any idea what code 42 is? As far as the oil leak, the oil pan gasket needs replacing. Please help. Thank you. Theresa Obviously the 12 means that the system is


...code 12 will flash 3 times before flashing the fault codes. Most of the codes can be erased or cleared by disconnecting the battery negative terminal for 1 minute and reconnect. Just make sure to ...

Question about 1994 K1500

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...code 12 which is one long flash followed by 2 short flashes. This code 12 means the diagnostic system is normal and will repeat itself continuously if there are no trouble codes. Otherwise, code 12 ...

How do I know what type of code reader I need for my 1995 Silverado? Hi!! You need a OBD II code scanner. THE CARS FROM 1980 TO1995 USED OD1 - 12 TERMINAL THE 1996 UP USED OBO2 16 TERMINAL.

code 12. Won't idle code 12 is always present in gm motor products. it simply means no tach signal because engine is not running. i would go with the simple first and clean the throttle body real good

What does the code 12 stand for when checking your computer on a 1992 chevy pickup? That is just saying that your in diagnostic mode.

Question about 1990 K1500

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...code 12 which means no reference pulses to the ECM. The engine is not running. You pull the codes with the ignition switch on but the engine should not be running. Write back with the codes and I can ...

error code P1330? --------        OBD code P1330? http://technoanswers.blogspot

Question about 1996 K1500

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...can not read any codes. Lighter fuse is good use a jumper wire beteen term a/b on the dig connector key on and count how many times the ses light blinks code 12 is normal each cycle will blink 3 ...

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