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Question about 1986 Xtracab

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...engine timing i recomend that you check for trouble codes. You can do this by jumping TE1 and E1 whitch on your engine is a round 2 wire plug on the drivers side, by air box. if you have a code then ...


Question about 1986 Xtracab

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Toyota 1998 Carib 1.6L using excessive engine oil?? Well maintained and looked after car can't understand y? Well for starters, that oil has to be going somewhere, obviously. So most likely it is the ...


engine makes noise when trying to turn wheel, does not turn easily at all, wheel seems to pull to side when in idile, could it be the belt or fluid, or pump Check power steering pump fluid and ...

...miles on it. So I got a raw deal there, but the truck is clean, so I rebuilt the entire drive line, engine, transmission, rear end, transfercase, and on. Now I have a rust free solid good running ...

timing belt. Cheers Ready? Remove all the stuff in the way of the old belt. Radiator, pulleys, belts, covers, have a new tensioner to put on? How about that water pump? Get a socket big enough for the

engine so I would seriously consider the timing chain being stretched. Inspect it as a precaution. I would replace it if you do not remember when it was changed to the month and year. my toyota hilx 4

chips advance timing and further lean the air fuel ratio for increased power. I would suggest an air/fuel converter such as greddy safc or similar to increase the amount of fuel your engine is getting

Question about 1994 Xtracab

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timing seams right.I replaced distibutor cap and the motor has done a few kms 190000 the head gasket seams ok as no water in oil and no bubbles in radiator could it be burnt valves or what else iam at

...Fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator, tps sensor, max airflow sensor,ECM,checked all exhaust. My engine light finally came on after two weeks of this but nobody can get any codes off of this truck ...

Question about 1990 Xtracab

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...timing belt/waterpump replacement kit for my 1990 SR5 pickup with a 3.0 litre V6 (3vze engine). My part source says theres 2 versions of the kit, the difference being one water pump has an extra tube ...

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