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Question about 1999 Vitara

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...engine number on the G16A/B series should be stamped on the left hand side of the block, at the rear (just before the gearbox bellhousing), on a flat area immediately above the sump. As for the ...


block fuses under the bonnet, then if it doesn't pull out by hand then it probably bolted in. You'll have to first disconnect the battery and then unscrew the fuse box from the engine bay. You'll then


where is the engine number found on suzuki vitara 1999 1.6i its on left hand side of your engine block

Question about 1999 Vitara

1 Answer

...water any other ideas pls? do a pressure test of the cooling system. there may be a cracked head or engine ...

i have a 1993 suzuki vitara 16v,injectors were blocked replace them with toyota corolla injectors, they worked for 5 months, now i cant get my car to start i change plugs ,fuel pump ,fuel filter, ...

...passes the thermostat wax block causing the thermostat to cycle in a wild and random way. I dont like this design but is reality. If applicable. post country, post engine type and state the

...engine temp read 152F (that was the block) when we hit the water jacket wit the temp gun it said 162F so my question is what should i believe? temp gun or electrical? 1985? Samurai? (no vitara) NO ...

id check compression first. (make sure engine block is ok) then work controls. quote: One of Mazda's more popular diesel engines, it was also available with a pressure wave supercharger called Comprex

block the outlet in the exaust pipe causing lack of power. which engine? no usa cars this year have a CARB . are not EFI so that be first , to say>? the vacuum test for cat block easy 5min work not

...engine block but the weaker TBI ECU will not like the engine air flows at all. it's tuned heavy for TBI. the B car MPI, will run great with the 8v engine, but lack 15hp. the A engine has the wrong ...

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