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Question about Daewoo Lanos

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engine block or is it cast? use a magnet on it if it sticks it is cast iron, if not it is aluminum Lightest engine in class – By adopting lightweight materials, with an all aluminium construction

Ad engines on type lives in block under front engine mount air con compressor and power steering bracket the other lives in rear section of engine block (trans end) just above sump near oil ...


block should fix that it needs engine load to bleed lifters properly this will also stop after a while from reving engine while stationary if it doesnt go away at all after a day say at worse case you

...check the gasket below the cover that has the daewoo name and sign on on top of the engine block. it could be cracked. replace with new one without any gasket sealant just replace the original and ...

My daewo lanos engine was becoming noisey I checked the oil it was fine the oil pump is working ok but no oil it getting to the head ? I was told by a local diy guy that its the oil pump or pipe may ...

...engine block if for some reason chunks or pieces of valve, piston or cylinder head damaged the cylinder bore and cracked the block while things were moving around. Daewoo Timing belts are recommended ...

...engine block, left side as you look at engine. Thick black rubber hose leads from radiator to the thermostat. Two bolts to remove, be sure to clean all stuck- on sealant so you get a smooth, flat ...

Question about 2000 Lanos

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engine block. Can you urgently advise. what country are you importing this vehicle ,because if its into america from europe then bewarned that a europeon market vehicle uses different software and its

Question about 1999 Lanos

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...engine block until it is properly seated. Install the mounting bolts and tighten them evenly in a staggered sequence to the torque specifications with a torque wrench. Careless tightening could cause ...

across that go in engine block cooling gallery, they are both sides of the block on that engine, 3 or 4 per side...I have replaced the ones on intake manifold side, which is the harder ones to get to.

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