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Question about 1994 Suburban

1 Answer

door on drivers side is sagging The door on my 1994 suburban is sticking. I think it must be some bushing that is wearing out. Any way to replace or fix this without replacing the pin in the door. ...


Question about 2004 Suburban

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...wires at diffent times. it is most likely the motor they stick sometimes you can just smack the door panel with your hand while working switch and it will start working and may work a while like ...


Question about 2001 Suburban

1 Answer

2001 Suburban 1500 Door handles on drivers side (exterior or interior) will not open my door. How do I get my door open now??? try to remove your door panel and check to see if your latch is still ...

...will not blow warm air at all. This problem is caused by what is called the air temp control blend door, either the door is sticking in the duct or the electric actuator that moves it is defective, ...

inside door lights stay on after engine is turned off The inside door lights stay on and drain the battery. How do we fix this problem? Check all doors for a sticking door open sense switch. Check all

...blow's cold air left side & hot air on right side The most likely problem is, you have a trap door sticking in the duct system under the dash. Unfortunately the only way to know for sure is to ...

2001 suburban door handle sticks in open position, exterror door opens sometimes turning corners spray it with wd 40

Question about 1996 Suburban

1 Answer

front doors wont unlock the front doors show that they are in the unlocked position, will not open is it below freezing outside.. doors frozen closed?? what..use regular room temp water from a gallon ...

Suburban K2500 Door lock is in the locked position with the door open, cannot close the door, re-set? Stick a screw driver in the latch assembly and pull the door handle to release

...that I can't see Make sure your window latch is sealed correctly,,,,and check the button on the bottom of outside handle,,, sometimes they sticks and will not let the door work right or not at ...

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