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...dome light works and you can turn the parking lights on. Once you turn the key, everything goes dead. I tried to jump the car, but still there was no power. I removed the battery and had it check and ...


...the door.......the door switch look in perfect condition and my dome light work fine...... The headlights are supposed to turn off when you remove the key and open the door. It happens


Dome light not coming on when I open the any of the 4 doors....Light works with switch on fixture.........Kelli u may have to move the switsh on dome to door u shold hove 3 seting on off and door ...

dome light to dome for door activation on '08 Sonata, but I see no such switch. Where is it? That particular switch is on the dome light itself. It'll have three settings, Off, On, and Dome. Just like

...dome light in my '08. Where is it? its built into the door latch Normally there is a switch on the frame of the car. Open the driver's door and look up near the front fender; between the door and the ...

...the light as well as the warning sensors for open door. See if your dome lights flicker a bit as well. Is it after you use turn signal? If so your turn alert is faulty or is not canceling turn ...

Question about 2005 Sonata

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Door chime will not go off even when key is in the ignition, dash sshows that car doors are open when they are not . Checked all fuse none are burned out. Shunt fust when pushed in door chime says on,

...dome light 99 hyundai sonata Most dome light lens are plastic...carefully pry one side of lens to pop-off the cover...Hope this helps...use a bilb guide to be sure you replace with the correct

dome light and overhead driver and passenger lights don't work can't find the fuse for these lights, the rear dome light works Hopefully this is what you're looking for...good luck! :)

...working. My friend fixed it for me. Turns out there's a little lever mechanism on the trunk door, right by the license plate where the locking mechanism is (look up when the trunk is open)... try ...

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