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Question about 1998 Wrangler

1 Answer

...Code 1391 indicates the computer can not see the crank or cam sensor signal. This would likely be a result of the misfires. Code 0320 indicates the crankshaft position sensor reference signal could ...


Question about 2002 Liberty

1 Answer

code 0700 with 1391 stand to what P0700 its a transmission codefrom what i understand while the 1391 is a crank postion sensor. the P0700 comes up when the neutral safety switch starts to fail, but ...


Question about 2000 Dakota Quad Cab

1 Answer

coad 1391 i need a fix for coad 1391 The code 1391 is : Intermittent loss of CMP or CKP You are losing either the cam or crank sensor intermittently. Test and replace as needed. Check plug ends first.

...replace the oxygen do you know which ones to replace? 1391 is a timing code cam or crank sensor 0134 bank 1 sensor 1 usually left front but double check 1684 doesn't match anything i ...

...code 1391 for on 1999 jeep grand cherokee Code 1391 = An intermittant loss of CMP (crankshaft position sensor) or CKP (crankshaft position sensor. This code could be related to just a bad connection ...

Question about 2001 Grand Cherokee

1 Answer

...code and also a 1391 i put new coil pack back on and restarted ram 15 minutes and started missing again setting codes po352 and p1351 i am at a lose is it the ecm ? it does sound like the ecu is bad ... sensor in distributor.still have code it possible that this engine could have cracked flywheel like in the 3.3 engine? po 1391 is crankshaft sensor or cam sensor change crankshaft ...

...i keep replacing 1391 andpo351 plugs and wires Not sure I am following your story. Code 351 is a problem with the primary OR secondary circuit for the coil. Code 1391 is a problem with the ABS

Question about 2000 Ram 1500 Truck

1 Answer

plugs and regapped and inspected the wiring. Now I get code 1391 only and engine still runs rough and erractic. You could've gotten dirt or grease inside the cam sensor connection. They are real fussy

...code 1391. i changed cam sensor crank sensor wires plugs and coil still getting 1391 code and from 0 mph to 20 mph car skips and revs up any ideas? pt cruiser has code 1391. i have changed crank ...

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