Questions & Answers for: Volkswagen Passat clutch slipping


...clutch slip. Transmission also seems to be slipping. Do you know what may be causing this? as per vw, you need to check transmission oil level., not an easy thing to do. if transmission oil level ok ...


Question about 2004 Passat

1 Answer

slipping clutch? when driving revs are increasing as though clutch pedal has been depressed seems to be around the 2,500 to 3,000 rpm when it occurs more often reducing pressure on accelerator seems ...


...clutch slipping. Since then, judder on take off when cold, never when warm and only for the first two or three take off's. My code reader gives a VAG code of 01375. Description is 'Valves for Engine ...

Question about 1998 Passat

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slipping cluch can the clutch be adjusted? 1998 passat 1.8ltr nope it needs a clutch set installed

slipping clutch.but it may just need an adjustment, plz rate-bozcro If it won't go in gear, or out of gear, you probably have a worn clutch. It could be bad syncros as well, but if you can push clutch

clutch is slipping, hard to get into gear Your clutch master cylinder may need to be replaced. This is where I would start as its cheaper than doing a clutch replacment. I would take the car to a ...

slipping occurs after the clutch has engaged, not whole shifting. Any ideas? Aside from a bad plate, there are a couple things that will make a clutch slip. The primary one is overheated springs. When

Clutch is not slipping but over the last couple weeks the clutch pedal is getting closer to the floor before disengaging. It is now down to floor and hard to change gears. The brake fluid resorvoir is

Question about 1999 Passat

1 Answer

...clutch has started slipping and grinding going into third , will i need to replace the fly wheel or just the clutch? generally replace clutch and pressure plate as a kit, if the flywheel it worn they ...

...slipping it is a cause of one of two things. belt is stretched or not tensioned properly, or the air cond clutch is froze up. when you turn on with no belt the clutch is engaged and you will not be ...

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