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...brass brush and scrub it with a spray can brake cleaner clean the ports in the manifold with a chop stick. Try that repost if you need more


...Sticks out about 1 - 1 1/2 inch could be dirt, mud, tar. Take compressed air can like for blowing off a computer keyboard and try to blow it out. Or try poke a chop stick up in it to clear out any ...


...after about 10 mins the car will start again Under the steering columb is a hole you can stick a chop-stick in there and unlock the lock. It will take a time or two of trying. If you have a re-cut ...

When driving the drivers side front tire seems like it shakes, I dont know if tires are bad or something with the front end. check your tires for cupping by looking for chopped or small flat spots ...

Question about 2004 Freestar

2 Answers

...with a lot of wires running to it. Take it off the manifold, and with a small brass brush and a chop stick to poke down in the ports clean out the EGR ports. Reinstall and see if the code goes ...

...leak to it. Best way to clean it is to take it off the manifold and using a brass brush and a chop stick to push into the ports. egr ...

Question about 2004 Grand Prix

1 Answer the disk it should be fine to turn key on and try the eject while pulling with tweezers. A couple of butter knives might even work if you can use them somewhat like chop sticks. Hope this

Question about 2002 Trooper

1 Answer

...If you have some tools and feel comfortable with getting dirty. Pull the EGR and get you a chop stick and a brass brush. Clean the ports in the manifold and in the EGR

...side,directly under the firewall and you will see a black hose stub.  stick something like a chop stick or pencil in it and clean it

98suzuki vitara had RAC out not started no spark turns over ok his computer Starts 2001so he did not find cause, said could be eMobilesir had no idea RAC like AA call out auto petrol no 1plug dry was ...

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