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Question about 2003 X-Type

1 Answer

...2-year coolant vs. the orange 5-year coolant. The 5 year coolant does not protect well against cavitation (exploding bubbles) which is what caused your water pump leak. (You can research this on ...


...the throttle positioning sensor has been replaced make sure the transmission fluid is full. Pump cavitation due to low fluid levels can cause engine


sterring pump is cavitating and expanding the fluid We replaced the pully for the sterring pump on a 2000 Taurus and now we are not able to purge the system. The pump cavitates and expands the oil. ...

On my 2005 subaru legacy outback 2.5l replaced passenger side cv axle. now while driving the vehicle i come to a stop light or stop sign foot on brake pedal engine makes cavitating noise and feel the ...

Question about 2005 Outback

1 Answer

whinning noise in differential. It whines under load or if transmision is in neutral. First check the oil level, sounds like it may be cavitating.

why is my land rover 3oo tdi powerseering making a noise Is it a squeeling noise drive belt? Or it could be air in the system causing cavitation due to a leak

Question about 1989 Park Avenue

1 Answer

coolant bubbles in water pump You either have air in the system. Or your cooling system has cavitation. If it's cavitation you need to replace your coolant because the additive package in the coolant ...

Drained and flushed the cooling system. Now I can't seem to elimanate an air cavitation problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Check your manual or under the hood for a bleeder valve used for

How do I open/close convertible top manually on Jaguar XK8? pump broken (cavitates), too expensive to replace. can I routinely operate manually or only in emergency & with damage to hydraulics? In ...

Car vibrates when accelerating to the right. Also, vibrates when going down the highway and hit bumps. Tie rod ends have been changed, newer tires and balance. Mechanic said the cv boots look ok. We ...

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