Questions & Answers for: Plymouth Sundance get back off


...back to the "off" position 3 times. On the last "on/off" cycle, leave the key in "on". The check engine light will start flashing. The first group of flashes is the 1st number of the code. There will ...


move the key back and forth while jiggling the wheel, the lock should come loose and the key should slide out. Be careful not to turn the key too far, because then you'll break it off, hope that works


Question about 1988 Sundance

1 Answer the broken part and put it back on. Make sure the rest of the hose is in good condiction. Squeeze it and look for cracks. If it's comming from the engine block like i think your saying. Between ...

...back off again. The headlights will turn off immediately. However, if you are NOT turning off the engine before turning off the headlights, then this feature may be malfunctioning in the switch. To ...

...back up and try again or just take the heads off. my recomendation is just take the heads off they are fairly easy to remove and instal. then have machine shop cut the grooves in the guides and ...

Question about 1991 Sundance

1 Answer

...put a box wrench on and pull back on to relieave the tension on the belt . Pull the belt off the closest pulley and enjoy , dont forget the route it gos back on though !!! take a picture if need firewall and then goes to part of manifold or something under carb. and then comes right back out of there and back around to bottom of thermastat area. A bad heater core will cause passenger ...

Question about 1990 Sundance

1 Answer after a few mins it will crank back up and go for a few more miles and do it a again. is there anything we have over looked that could be the problem. check engine earth body earths earth ...

Question about 1988 Sundance

2 Answers

...conection,start the motor for 30sec,shut off,disconect battery for 30sec,hook battery back up and electical plug to IAC,start engine,if this does not correct the problem replace the IAC

Question about 1993 Sundance

1 Answer

...the top you will see the fuel pump fastened into the tank on the top side. Remove that, replace with new one and put it back together. You may have to reset the fuel shut off to get it running

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