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...amp; intake air hose inspection? Causes of the problem you describe are many. Recommend you have a technician check your throttle position sensor for any bad spots in the potentiometer... most likely ...


Question about 2001 Tiburon

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gets stuck in first gear hi have got trajet its started geting stuck in first gear asked dearler about this problem and they say it is a common problem and the gear box needs repairing spoke to a ...


Windshield wipers became sluggish, then stopped mid-swipe. I'm assuming the motor died or the linkage seized. How is the motor/linkage assembly accessed? Take/Tow your vehicle to an authorized Hyundai

Question about 2004 Tiburon

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...the throttle body. Also it would be better to remove the throttle-body and clean out its interior with a throttle-body & choke cleaner. Replace the throttle-body gasket as well. I agree with ...

...ECU incorrect / grounded / damage wiring on the TPS. Throttle cable linkage Smooth throttle movement? Carpet under the gas paddle (like Toyota?) My best is a grounded and short TPS. Thats a good

Question about 2001 Tiburon

1 Answer

...amp; the timing belt has been changed along with all the other belts. Thanks Throttle position sensor or idle control sensor. Try cleaning the map or maf and throttle body can get the ...

...driveshaft, shifter & linkage, add a torque converter, new radiator w/trans cooler built in lower section, cooler lines. On top of all that, Hyundai automatic transmissions are very

My Tiberon idles very roughly, but runs great on the road. I pulled the idle air solenoid today and cleaned it out,I made it run worse. do these go bad? No mention of any diagnostic trouble codes so I

Question about 2003 Tiburon

1 Answer

...amp;#39;ve fixed the linkage and put it all back together however the car is still jammed in first any solutions other then rocking the car back and fourth. I'm willing to take the car ...

...they are p0732 p0734 p0303 p0455 po141 how do i fix it please your describing a throttle positioning sensor problem. It could be as simple as a vacuum leak too. clear the codes & see what

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