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throttle linkage to keep it running, before i did this i noticed the throttle valves were dirty, so I inspected the air filter housing and saw it was cracked in multiple places. The second thing i did


Question about 1997 Ram 1500 Club Cab

1 Answer

throttle linkage, and get under and look where cable & linkages are at side of transmission, and spray them good too, and work them back & forth, to try & loosen them up. Truck shut off & in park when


...linkage( get down in front of the truck & look up at the linkages). You should replace this if it looks old or worn. It's a simple replacement and costs from $35 - $60 average. If it doesn't do ...

...throttle pedal & linkage to make sure pedal down all the way, is opening throttle all the way? Does it feel at all like it's holding back, or just starving? Any good tranny shop that could check ...

linkage as it could be a broken cable clip. Scan your computer and check voltage at your T.P.S (Throttle Position Sensor) should have 0.50 volts with key on engine off, also press on gas paddle should

Question about 2007 Ram 1500 Quad Cab Sport

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...linkage on your throttle on the top of your engine. I too have a 2007 Dodge Quad Cab and recently experienced a wreck because of the truck going out of control due to uncontrolled acceleration. The ...

Question about 2007 Ram 1500 Quad Cab Sport

1 Answer the throttle body There is no guessing here You need to check for codes & have trouble charts to follow to resolve any problems You can not fix yourself,a dealer or repair shop will be ...

throttle body & work on it,on your work bench If the throttle body hole is stripped, then you are going to have to replace the throttle body. you can tap the sensor screw hole and add bigger screw

Question about 2004 Ram 1500

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...linkage components for binding. If the throttle is still stuck is likely that the throttle valve is sticking in the bore. Remove the intake hose from the air cleaner and see if it is gummed up in ...

...linkage. If you choose to do that temporary repair - Please carefully inspect the throttle body to make sure the repair doesn't cause the throttle body to bind and not work smoothly. Done improperly ...

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