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Question about 1998 Astro

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...replacement is necessary. Reverse steps 1 through 5 to install the power steering pump. Tighten the belt as described previously, and tighten the pump mounting and bracket bolts to the manufacturer's ...


Question about 1988 Astro Cargo

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ac, no air pump takes a belt number k060947 which is a 6 rib belt 95 1/4". please rate It's best to take the old belt with you to the store and have it matched up as some models have different lenghts


Question about 1998 Astro

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ac speed problems in my 1998 hey strova v 6 modl the ac only blows on low and up to the last spee befre high .can u give m sugestions? Replace the blower motor resistor.

I took my 2002 astro in to get the head gasket replaced. Now my ac is blowing hot air only. The compressor is not kicking on either. Is this a vacuum line and if so where is it located? Sounds like ...

...on the rear defroster This is your alternator belt squealing. The belt needs to be tightened or replaced. When the defroster comes on, it puts more load on the alternator causing the belt to slip. ...

AC belt squeals for a moment and it goes away. If I turn on AC, lights, defrost, the belt squeals. It does not happen at high speed. this means your belt needs to be tightend, if its not at the proper replace fan belt at the same time by pass ac compressor,is there a smaller belt i can buy to do this? Yes, when you buy the belt tell them you have no ac. (but do you really want no ac) Goo ...

...van chenrolet ,when driving for 70 or 80 miles the car heats up,and necomes dead ,when starting ac more heat and on turns it switchs off ,turning off ac start engine it will start fast,but still ...

Question about 1995 Astro

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...of ac pump on a 1994 chevy astro it locked up i wana get rid of it just take it off, and unplug it. go to the auto parts store and tell them you need a belt for 94 chevy astro wthout air

...belt routing-4.3L engines Removal & InstallationBelt replacement is a relatively simple matter rotating the tensioner off the belt (to relieve tension) and holding the tensioner in this position ...

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