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Question about 1998 Grand Prix

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98 grand prix gtp starts the turns off My 98 grand Prix GTP will start for about 5-110 se then cut off it has no problems sarting but only stays on for like 10 secs check fuel filter.


...a 1995 3100 sfi motor out of a hi all, im putting a 1995 3100 sfi motor out of a grand am in a 1998 malibu. i can see that i have to swap the timing cover and im going to use the '98 upper and ...


rubber grinding noise when braking and turning 98 grand prix v6 sounds like 2 pieces of rubber grinding when braking or turning and feel a shake in steering colom 98 v6 1800 grand prix I would guess ...

...degrees Rocker arm cover using a new gasket and tighten the rocker cover bolts to 89 inch lbs. (10 Nm) PCV valve to the rocker arm cover Coolant tube with the thermostat bypass hose and tighten the ...

What years 3.1 engine will fit in 1998 pontiac grand prix Unfortunately it's a (relatively) one year only engine (without major component changes). However, these will fit without those changes: '97, says transmission fluid hot 98 degrees does this mean my transmission is slipping on my grand prix 2005? could be tranny sensor that helps it shift now a days everything has a sensor on

Question about 1999 Grand Prix

1 Answer

Is 210 in 70-80 degree weather You might want to try to replace the 195 degree thermostat. Yours might be sticking.

98 cavalier abs sensors on back tires. need to take off to see if they need cleaned. can't see how? 98 cavalier abs sensors on back tires. need to take off to see if they need cleaned. can&#39

temperature says it is -32 degrees outside when it is + 32 degrees the temperature is always reading incorrectly Really? waah...waah. My car doesn't even have a temp gage. It's a good car. Don't worry

What other windshields will fit 98 grandprix other then Buick Century Buick Regal Chevrolet Impala Chevrolet Monte Carlo Oldsmobile Intrigue which are classed as related to the 98 grand prix , which ...

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