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...98 F-150 (same switch) and I removed the switch a couple of times. Disconnect Neg battery cable, then turn switch to ON position and pull knob outward to the fog light ON position. Using a small ...


I have the same problem with my 2003 Lincoln Navigator. It real low when it is under 35 degrees out side. When it's warm no problem at all with the air suspension. Was there a recall on the 2003 ...


I have used air ride parts to sell for a '98-02 Navigator I have used air ride parts to sell for a '98-02 Lincoln Navigator: rear air springs, rear shock absorbers, rear height sensor, rear solenoids,

Codes P0171, and P0174 bLean on a 98 Navigator. Any ideas? I have 2 codes that show up on my 98 lincoln navigator 5.4 L, , P0171, and P0174 Lean. Any Thoughts on what these could be, and any chance it

98 navi blows hot air from front vents and cold air in the rear. Then blows hot from all vents. red or white vac line disconected or broken in engien bay

location of fuel pump reset switch on 1998 navigator? we looked in the rear under carpet could not find it. i have a 98 navigator and it started up fine this morning and now it won't start it can turn

my lincoln navigator 98 is not blowing out any hot air, even when it's set to 90 degrees Add coolant. If that doesn't work, replace the heater core.

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No firing on 98 Navigator I tried to fire up my 98 navigator but it just turns and turns with no fire. Checked the fuel filter, all the sensors including cam and crank and still nothing. Any ideas? ...

98 chrysler sebring catalytic converter is fire hot. It opens and it is ruined. I replaced it with another one. It is still fire hot have you check your muffler

48 degrees Fahrenheit is how many degrees in Centigrade 48 degrees F is 8.889 degrees C.

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