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Question about Toyota Pickup

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lever nothing seemed to help. I squirted some WD-40 back into the cylinder and left it for a day or so. Anyway eventually I got it to work backwards and forth but it has a rough spot in about a half a


...switch. hope this has been handy. i had a very similar problem with the emergency break light in my 1994 chevrolet k2500........ do you have a pedal......or a lever? """if you have a pedal...this is ...


when i turn on the high beams the headlights go completly out The high beam switch may be bad. Fiddle with the lever 10-20 times, the contacts may be just corroded.

...lever while the starter is operated. If it works then it means that the brushes in the starter are worn out or the solenoid is not making proper contact to switch the high current required. Auto ...

...disengage when the brake pedal is depressed, so I can't get it out of park (engine running) Shift lever is column-mounted. change the brake light switch i think this is faulty causing your ...

Question about 1989 Pickup SR5

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...if you have a damaged/broken connector wire. If you observe the choke plate lever when you switch on the AC you'll realise that the choke plate is closing off the air passage and stalling the

...lever in Neutral. Turn all accessories off. The engine should be at normal operating temperature. Using a jumper wire, connect terminals TE1 and E1 of the Data Link Connector 1 (DLC1). Turn the ...

the lever in the off position no longer depresses the switch. The switch can sometimes be adjusted to make better contact, or the switch bracket can be bent so the lever and switch make proper contact

...lever switch position make sure it is correct, lock up also requires trans temp to be up to operating temp. if these are correct, the lock up switch in the valve body could be bad, if the torque ...

...lights to turn off? the switch is turned off but parking lights are staying on. low brake fuild or brake fuild leaking check the brake master cylinder pump brake fuild lever in the engine room

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