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1991 Oldsmobile 88 Royale loud clunk when turning?? my 1991 Oldsmobile 88 Royale has a loud clunk in the front drivers side when I turn left or right. This only happens when I'm making a very slow ...


My 1996 Oldsmobile 88 stalls when I'm driving My Olds keeps stalling as I drive. The engine cuts out but everything continues to work except for my power steering. It usually stalls when I am going at


1991 olds 88 cranks fine when cold but after a long drive and I turn off engine and try to restart it cranks slow like a weak battery. I put a new battery in and cleaned the battery connections but it

1991 olds88 1 have changed cam sensor now a code 41.have no accelleration power 41 is cam sensor code. are you sure the magnet is still in the cam gear? use only quality parts. if the magnet is ...

1992 olds 88 stalls. after it sits for a half 1992 olds 88 3800 V6 stalls. This can happen either after it has been driven awile then turned off for a couple of minutes and then it wont start again ...

will my injectors work from my 1991 olds in my 1988 olds both r delta 88 and r 3800 sereis engins yes they will work

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Question about 1995 88

1 Answer

1995 olds 88 runs great cold but stalls when warmed up costing car starts rt back up and away u go off the gas the car keeps stalling starts rt back up Did you ever find out what was causing this? I ...

Question about 1991 88

1 Answer

My 1991 Olds 88, 3.8 litre shudders on even acceleration from a stop or reversing. If you push on the accelerator hard or back off completly, it stops doing it. If your driviving along gliding and you dosn't work. no coold air no hot air i dont know . wath hapen. my car its a oldsmobile 88 1991 a few weks ago put freon in the ac and . stop to worw. before work bur dont blow cool air. and ...

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