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1000 km at highway speeds, about half that around town. Is this a normal occurrence or is there a problem with the motor? Not normal, clean burning engine, mine has 220,000 kms's. Are you using a full


Question about 2005 Endeavor

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...1000 km and the oil guage showed the level at minimum. there is no white or black smoke coming out. Can anyone help me The piston rings are worn out and there is no other solution but to replace it. ...


...service for Mitsubishi Galant 2003? i.e. should I have an engine flush, etc...? Thank you Every 9,000 miles ( 14,000 km) and there is no need to flash the engine, just get the engine specified by the ...

Question about 2003 Galant

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mitsubishi evolution 9 servicing mitsubishi evolution 9 car it is necessary to change water pump and timing belt for the 60,000 km servicing The timing and drive belts should be changed

when to change clutch plate of lancer2004. i mean after how many km If you are a good clutch driver and carefully use it only to shift, it could easily go 250,000 km. If you hold the car in place on a

...Procedure Engine: start Accelerate until the vehicle speed is 56 km/h (35 mph) or more. While keeping the accelerator pedal opening degree constant, keep the vehicle speed at 56 km/h (35 mph) or more ...

What mileage is the cam belt replacement due on a 1997 Galant 2.5 V6? every 100,000 km's is a common service interval for a cam belt replacement on a mitsubishi.

What's your problem?Lancer 2010 2l batery keep on running down 30 000km new batery down in 50 km batey light flashes and started after sharp turn . with new batery batery light of for 5 km then ... and over the last 2 months has gotten worse. I have figured that its the auto trans - when I click it into neutral the vibration or 'wobbling' feeling stops! Occasionally when I am ...

Question about 2000 Galant

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convert km miles What is the procedure to change kilometer reading to miles 1Km is equivalent to 0.6214 miles.

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