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Longer lasting engine maintenance

Your engine will last a lot longer as far as the main engine components if you 1)change your engine oil at vehicle recommended mfg intervals.TIP: if you live in hot climates you should change your oil more often and at less miles .2500 to 3000 ml. every 3 months because the climate the hot temperatures break down oil viscosity at a higher rate thus needed more frequent oil changes for the best engine engine lasting performance.2) always use the recommended weight example (5/30w)TIP: Also for best results the recommended rating of the oil for example on the back of the oil bottle is a rating 2 or 3 letters in a circle .Older vehicles use a different rating than newer vehicles and some times they are not interchangeable this information should be available at your local parts store.3)TIP;: Always use the recommended (brand) oil filter.With the way cars are now especially ones with overhead cams and chains ,aftermarket filters might not supply the same pressure aspects of the original oil filter, So as far to have less or more pressure than that is needed to maintain these components correctly with the correct pressure.
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how often should synthetic blend oil be changed

With synthetic oils it is best to read the ,actual, oil manufacturer recommendations for each brand of oil. Some claim that oil should be changed 5,000 , others at 7,000 and some even boast 10,000 mile oil change intervals. There are many factors that you should consider when changing to or changing any oil. The climate you live in , for instance . Do you live in a climate where it is hot all of the time. Driving conditions ; Do you drive most of the time where there is a lot of dust or sand etc.....The other advice that I find always to be good is to call the service department of the make of your vehicle and ask them what the factory recommendations are. That will ensure that you don't void any warranty that may be available for your vehicle. I live in the North East U.S. I change my oil in my NON-Synthetic vehicles at 3000 mile intervals and do it as "religiously" as possible...And I ALWAYS change the oil filter every time I change my oil. For the other vehicle that I own I use synthetic and change that at 5000 wether recommended or not. And I ALWAYS change the filter. Remember-The cleaner your oil is the less wear on vital engine components.......Hope this helps!

Apr 04, 2014 | 2002 Buick Century

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oil change intervals on ford fucus c max 1.6 tdc

oil changes are at 10.000klms or 6 months (normal manufactures service time) but if you want to have your engine last longer it is recommended to change oil at 5.000klms.

Aug 22, 2013 | Ford Cars & Trucks

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Go by the manufacture's recommendation as far as type and weight. As far as brand, it is subjective. Any major brand should have the proper amount of additives. If you are trying to decide between synthetic and dino oil, either is good as long as you faithfully change them at the recommended intervals. With older vehicles, synthetics seem to "find leaks".

Jun 24, 2011 | 1999 Mercury Cougar

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How often should oil be changed ?

That depends on the brand and type of synthetic you use, as well as the type of oil filter. Mobil 1 makes an extended service full synthetic, which they claim is good for 15,000 miles between changes. Amsoil full synthetic advertises 25,000 miles between changes; but only if you also install and use one of their super fine bypass oil filters, in addition to your car's regular oil filter.

Since the actual mileage you can go between oil changes is very dependent of the type of driving you do, the brand of oil you use, and the condition of your engine; there really is no hard and fast rule. That's why commercial vehicle fleets regularly take samples of their oil, and send it to laboratories for analysis to determine whether it needs changing. Sometimes it is necessary to change oil more often than expected; other times you can go longer between changes. My experience has been that, when oil is nearing the mileage where it needs changing; the rate of consumption will significantly increase. So when my car needs a quart added, it usually means it ought to be changed.

Regardless of the oil you use; if the change intervals are longer than the car manufacturers recommendations, it will void your factory engine warranty. That said; I have typically felt comfortable with 7,500 mile change intervals when using full synthetic oil of an appropriate viscosity.

I would also add that it is much safer to stay with only one brand and type of oil for the life of your vehicle; this is true for both conventional and synthetic oils. I have seen too many engines ruined by switching to a different brand or type of oil. Mobil 1 is chemically different from all the other synthetic oils, and is closer to petroleum oil in its characteristics. I prefer it for that reason. They also make a european formula 0W-40 full synthetic, which is available in the U.S, and is my preferred viscosity for all around use. It is not one of their extended service oils; but the protection is far superior to other oil grades. Not all stores carry it; but it can often be ordered from stores which carry other Mobil 1 products; and can always be bought from the local Mobil oil distributor.

Sep 13, 2010 | 2004 Lexus SC 430

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Recommended drain intervals for oil

it usually depends on where you ride and how far you go..if you only use it for short trips, and live in the desert, i would change it every 6000 miles but its more important to worry about non-usage...if you only ride it occasionally, and only go about 30 miles a week then i would change it every couple of months and don't go by mileage, because combustion gases will form in the oil and create acids..so i personally never go by mileage, i go by how many bottles of oil i"ve added to the engine since i serviced it last..i say by the third bottle its time to change the oil and filter, but if im racing my bike proffessionally, its always before and after a race, and dont have anyone tell you that that is still too sone because the same oil that lubes the top half of the engine is the same oil that lubes the gears, and if you ever noticed that when your bike starts to mis shift and you grind the gears...when you put in fresh oil, it'll shift a lot easier. So to answer your question, whenever you have to ask yourself you probably need to have it changed.

May 11, 2010 | Motorcycles

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