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Use good quality battery's!

When I first bought this flash I thought mid range battery's and lots of them would do the trick, my flash arrived hours before the event I needed it for and I thought it was faulty until at the last seconds I bought some high quality more expensive battery's and the problem was solved :)

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1 Answer

cheats in the sims social

  • LAPAUCIUS -gives you 1000 dollars (version 1.1 does not work - version 1.1 code is ROSEBUD)
  • WATER TOOL -you can put water around your home
  • CAM_MODE - Camera Toggle
  • MUSIC - Music toggle
  • SOUND - Sound toggle
  • HTML - Web page creation toggle
  • SOUNDEVENT - Toggle sound event
  • RELOAD_PEOPLE - Total reload of skins, animations, suits, people
  • SET HOUR -set (1-24) what time you want to get up
  • SETSPEED -(-1000 to +1000)
  • SIM_SPEED <-1000-1000> - Set sim speed
  • INTERESTS -it will let you change your personalitys and interests
  • AUTONMY -let's the sims to think on their own (0-100)
  • GROW GRASS -make the grass tall or short (0-150)
  • MANSION - The Best House
  • BUBBLE_TWEAK <Z offset> - Set thought bubble z offset
  • ASSERT - Force assert to test
  • SIM_LOG END - Stop sim logging
  • SIM_LOG BEGIN - Start sim logging
  • DEBUG_SOCIAL - Show social dialogue choices
  • DRAW_ORIGINS - Show person's origin
  • DUMP_HAPPY - Send person's recent interactions to file
  • DUMP_MC - Send person's motive contribution curve to a file
  • EDIT_GRASS <number> - Make grass change value
  • LOT SIZE <number> - set lot size
  • EDIT CHAR - Create a character mode
  • DRAW_ROUTES ON - Show person's route
  • DRAW_ROUTES OFF -Show people's Route off
  • HISTORY - Save family history file
  • HIST_ADD - Add new family history stat to family
  • IMPORT <FAM File> - Import Family file
  • VISITOR_CONTROL - Toggle to control visitors with keyboard
  • LOG MASK - Set event logging mask
  • DRAW_FLOORABLE ON - Enable floorable grid
  • DRAW_FLOORABLE OFF - Disable floorable grid
  • MAP EDIT ON - map edit on
  • MAP EDIT OFF - map edit off
  • MOVE_OBJECTS - Move any object
  • PREVIEW_ANIMS ON - Preview animations on
  • PREVIEW_ANIMS OFF - Preview animations off
  • PREPARE_LOT - Fix required lot objects
  • ROTATION <number 0-3> - Rotate camera
  • ROUTE BALOONS ON - Enable basic tutorial
  • ROUTE BALOONS OFF - Disable basic tutorial
  • LOG MASK - Event logging mask set
  • DRAW ALL FRAMES ON - Draw all frames
  • DRAW ALL FRAMES OFF - Disable draw all frames
  • TILE INFO ON - Show tile info
  • TILE INFO OFF - Hide tile info
  • SWEEP ON - Enable ticks
  • SWEEP OFF - Disable ticks
Repeat Last Cheat Press shift+ctrl+alt+c then ! to repeat the last cheat code entered. To do more than one repeat, type in !;!;! the number of times you'd like the code repeated.
Slow Down and Trap Burglars (Trap Roomies Too) If you need time to call the police or to wait for them to arrive during a burglar strike, hold your cursor over the criminal and follow him with it to make him walk in slow motion allowing the police time to arrive. To trap a burgler, pause the game and build a fence around them and then call the police. To do this with a roomie simply repeat, but no need to call the cops.
Eliminate Bills To eliminate paying bills completely, use the "move_objects on" cheat and simply pick up your mailbox, then hit DELETE. Remember to turn "move_objects off" when done.
Kill Your Sim To kill off your sim make a swimming pool then send him or her in, then remove the ladders and diving board.
Never Miss Work Move your garbage can into the middle of the road, when the car pulls up it will beep the horn and stop.

kick on dude ;)

Sep 22, 2011 | Facebook Apps

1 Answer

battery that was sent won't stay charged, goes from 4 1/2 hr. charge to 0 in a flash if pc is moved, it arrived 1 week a go

you need to contact the people you bought it from & tell them what it's doing & see if it's still under their's warranty?

Sep 13, 2011 | PayPal Accounts

1 Answer

My Nikon CoolPix S560 has worked great since I bought it about 2 1/2 yrs ago. I know how to set everything, the battery is fine and charged. Natural light photos are fine. Just recently in the middle of an event the flash just stopped working. I reset everything to default to try and 'trick' it back into working. I suspect the flash bulb is burnt out? Is this possible? If so, is it worth fixing? or just buying an entire new camera at this point?

Yes, the flash can burn out or the flash circuit can short out. You can send it in for service but, since it's out of warranty, it will be very expensive. B&H photo has a refurbished one for $70. If you send yours in, what you will get back is a refurbished one....they do not bother to fix point-and -shoot cameras. Your choice.

Jun 13, 2011 | Nikon Coolpix S560 Digital Camera

1 Answer

it is a french door, items in the fridge part are freezing, what should temperature in freezer and fridge be?

The factory presets your temperatures to the MID / MID setting of 0? for the freezer and 37? for the refrigerator. Refrigerator adjustment range is -15? to +15? in the freezer and 33? to 47? in the refrigerator. Depending on ambient temperatures the temperatures will be + or - 6? the set point. Whenever you make a temperature adjustment, you need to wait 24 hours to notice any temperature difference.

To adjust your temperatures: Adjust controls according to your Use and Care guide. Start out by making sure your settings are at the factory setting of MID / MID. Make only one adjustment: Adjust one control and wait 24 hours before making another adjustment.

To measure temperatures: If you try to measure temperatures, it is important to follow these directions: Fresh Food Section: Put thermometer in a glass of water. Check the temperature during the first door opening after a long (8+hours) non-usage period (such as overnight or when you arrive home from work). Frozen Food Section: Put thermometer between two bags of vegetables. Check the temperature during the first door opening after a long (8+hours) non-usage period (such as overnight or when you arrive home from work).

For more information it may be helpful to look at http://www.whirlpool.com/ or contact your local whirlpool support number

May 17, 2011 | Whirlpool Refrigerators

1 Answer

Flashing Light

I have had a HP Photosmart 945 for a few years now. A few days ago was the first time I saw my camera experience the problem described above. I thought something is wrong with the on-bard logic.

Replacing my batteries (4x2300mAh NiMH AAs) with four other freshly charged batteries of the same kind didn't fix it. The camera's LCD kept flashing on and off for almost an hour until my family got tired of it and turned it off by removing the batteries.

I just replaced the rechargeable batteries with four regular alkaline batteries and now suddenly it works. Go figure.

The moral is that changing the batteries sometimes helps. When it works, it will get your camera going for a while. The problem, however, doesn't seem to be battery-related or I would have seen it a long time ago with smaller-capacity batteries like alkaline AAs. Something is very wrong with the camera itself, that much is clear.

Best-case scenario now is that I have an unreliable camera that can give out at any moment. For example today it died in mid-shot and almost spoiled a family event. For me the solution was "get a non-HP camera".

I hope this helps someone out there.

Dec 19, 2007 | HP Photosmart 945 Digital Camera

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