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Hello John, I would suggest to you that you remove the battery, plug the laptop into ac power and see if it boots. I think your battery may need replaced. If you can plug the laptop into ac power (power cord) without the battery and it boots for sure it is the battery. Anyway that is where I would start.

I’m happy to help further over the phone at

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To speak technical support representative dial +1 (800) 204-4427 (U.S.) 1800954262 AUS, +44 (800) 046-5216 (UK)Am to 6 Am, Pacific Time, Monday through Sunday. If you needs a technical diagnosis you can call on our tech support team 1-800- 204-4427, which is especially open round-the-clock for online assistance.

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Change. To apple I have had no such problem with my tablet

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normally apple can replace the battery on their macbook line of computers contact apple and they can give you a replacement battery for your macbook

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You may have a bad sector(s) on your hard drive. Best bet is to run a low level format on the drive to clean it up and then do the install.

Intel Computers... | Answered on Mar 30, 2017 | 45 views

are you sure using proper memory sticks for this mobo?

Intel Computers... | Answered on Mar 26, 2017 | 302 views

Uninstall the windows 7. I hear this type of issue all the time.

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The fan may be clogged with dust. Look at the air inlet. Can you see the metal fins, or they clogged? You might be able to use a vacuum cleaner to get the clog out.

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Sounds like the wrong BIOS programme has been installed. Not a lot can be done about that apart from removing the BIOS chip and reprogramming it with an EEprom Programmer. Purchase a new motherboard is the answer.

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Start by removing the GPU. See if it POSTs. If not move on and remove all the RAM, see what happens.. if that doesnt work, remove the CPU.. see what happens. you chould get a variety of beeps when you pull things.. Are the fans even spinning? if not maybe you have a PSU fault. You need to be a lot clearer with whats going on though.

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gaming is limited by the os that you have
gaming is limited by the speed of the cpu ( intel chip)you may even be limited by the graphic card that you can use in the mother board slot
when faced with all of these decisions and obvious lack of knowledge of what works best, find your self a computer repair shop and talk about upgrading to what you want
you say that cost is no object but to get what you want it will be a new mother board and fast chip ( probably a duel core or quad core) and a suitable graphic card for gaming
you can build a computer up from parts off the shelf and the cost will be around 1/2 the price of a computer from a retail shop and you will get exactly what you want

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It is an Apple MacPro. All your data is backed up to iCloud or you make regular backups like most others do. It is unlikely the hdd is fried and if it is an SSD, removing the hdd/SSD and using a Sata to USB3 convertor, plug the SSD into another Mac and give it time to rebuild itself, (it can take 1hour just power it up) then you can remove your data to another Mac or reuse the SSD.

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Boot up computer from being off and press pause key right top hand side of keyboard when the bios number comes up on the screen. Pause boot up and read the bios number that is displayed during the P.O.S.T sequence of your Bios start up.
Then try googling the Bios number to get the exact motherboard involved.

Good luck !

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If your computer is showing nothing on screen it is not booting up OK. Are there any beep codes being given during bootup? One single beep at the end of the POST sequence is OK, anything more means some kind of hardware error found during bootup. Media Direct 3 is a Dell product that has caused a number of problems on its computers. See Dell MediaDirect . Your option may be limited to contacting Dell support.

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1. Click “Start”, “Run,” and then type cmd. When the command prompt opens type “CD C:\Test” (replace “Test” with the name of the folder you want to hide.)
2. Now type “attrib file +s +h” and replace “file” with the name of the actual file name you would like to hide.
3. Now, go back to C:\Test and look for your file or folder, it’s not there! You cannot find it through simply browsing around, through the command prompt, or even if you click “Show Hidden Files and Folders”.
4. To find the folder and it’s contents again simply go back to the command prompt, type “CD C:\Test” (of course, again replacing “Test” with the name of the folder,) and then type “attrib filename -s -h”. You should now be able to find your file again!

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hi, we need more specs of the system youre using; anyway a intel integrated gpu will not be useful to play today games.
youll need a gfx card (even a geforce 8800 or a amd hd4700) with min. 1gb of vram to play.
you can find second hand cheap on proper sistes.
have good times

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If you have the latest BIOS update installed, it might not see it anymore. Nothing to do with Intel. Take a look here.

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I suggest you download a neat little free piece of software first.
It will display all the info about your system
Interrogate the audio and see what sound card you have
From there you can go to that suppliers website and hopefully download a driver.

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There are some factors that affects why your next book is won`t powering on and instead, its displays only red light. That red light means your battery is drained. Here are the factors that you need to consider.

Intel Computers... | Answered on Nov 19, 2016 | 99 views

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