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Clean the strainer screen on the bottom of the unit.

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Make sure your brass line or braided line is hooked up with no kinks or pinches, Then make sure water to valve is turned on.

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Yes! Check out this site: www.applianceart.com
They have real stainless replacement panels --- great prices too.
You can even call them with any questions you may have.

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can you hear the pump start up..?............
if not,.....pump blocked or duff.............

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Click on the following link to download an owners manual for your Dishwasher. http://www.managemylife.com/mmh/lis_pdf/OWNM/L0906286.pdf everything is set up for you, you can save it to your PC or you can print a copy, just rigt click on the manual and select the option.
Good Night!! A HELPFUL - 4 THUMBS - rating for this solution would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for using FixYa.

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Here is a tip that will help you to find out why water will not come into thedishwasher...

Dishwasher Trouble No Water entering Dishwasher


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Here is a tip that I wrote that will help you with your dishwasher not drainingproblem...

Dishwasher Problems - Water will not drain out


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Thanks for using FixYa. If the dishwasher is overfilling it’s caused because of water-inlet valve going bad. This valve is usually at the bottom left or right of the dishwasher, behind the lower access panel. It's the device with the main water line from the house, a rubber tube to the dishwasher, and two wires attached to it. If the water-inlet valve is defective, you need to completely replace it. Please do rate the solution if the issue is resolved or post a comment for further assistance.


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Check water flow into the machine. check strainer attached to the machine. Clean if clogged.

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What temp is your water? You may need to set your water heater up a notch. Try running the dishwasher on the "sani rinse" since this heats to 160 and see if they are drier. Is your heating element working? During the dry cycle with the heat dry on I would open the door and put my hand next to the element to see if it seemed hot. Maybe it isn't working. Also did you put Jet Dry in the dispenser?and also if the setting is adjustable you can dial it up a notch or two. I also like the Jet Dry Turbo. It makes my dishes dry completly, even plastics and this is on the no heat dry.

If there is no heat, then the heating element may be bad. You can get the part, and view diagram at partselect website.

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Looks like micro controller problem. Contact service center for help.

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It could be the air gap. If you have one it is mounted on the sink next to the faucet. It is a cylinder about 3 inches high and about 1 inch in diameter (size of a small cup). It is usually stainless steel or chrome in color. You can pull the cap off of the air gap and carefully take the pieces out and clean any debris.

If this does not help the draining then you may have a restriction in the hose from the air gap to the drain, or the dishwasher to the air gap. You can look under the sink and follow the hoses.

Whirlpool 24 in.... | Answered on May 01, 2010 | 175 views

This does sound like a problem with the "anti-flood" device that does detect water (leak / spill) at the base of the washer. This device is a protection device that consists of a polystirene float and a micro swithch. Once a water leak od spill is detected it automatically puts the washer in pump out mode. You need to determine if a leak exists that has caused the float to trigger the micro switch and clear the water / leak. This should put the washer back to normal.

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Hi, i have had my new dishwasher for less than 3 hours and is doing the same thing. Not happy Jan!!!! I have dishes everywhere, stuff out of the sink cupboard and a open house in 2 days. Watch out retravision in the morning!!!!!!! Did you get a solution to yours??

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Thanks for using FixYa. Dishwasher not draining properly or not draining at all issues can arise due to different reasons. Usually, these issues are related to kinked hoses, knocked out disposer unit (if connected with the dishwasher drain hose) & clogged drain pump & filter.

Also note that dishwashers do not drain completely after a finished cycle and this is normal. Dishwashers are designed to leave some water in the unit to ensure that the heating element doesn’t overheat. If you suddenly begin to experience a large amount of water being retained in your dishwasher, you have a problem. Some of the most common reasons include that the drain hose isn’t working properly, the drain pump isn’t working correctly, or possibly there is a plumbing problem in your home’s drain lines.

First check whether the drain is not clogged or blocked and the line is not kinked. Check all the hoses for blockages & also clean the air gap. Has the disposer been replaced recently? If so, chances are the knockout is still in place. Simply remove the drain hose from the disposer, and knock out the plug. If the disposer has not been replaced, try removing the drain hose from the disposer and use a wet-dry vacuum (prepared for water, of course) to **** any water (and hopefully anything else) from the drain line. Then reconnect the hose, and test the unit. If you have checked the air gap and the drain hose and can’t locate the problem, then it is an issue with the drain pump of the dishwasher.

Please do accept the solution if the issue is resolved or else revert for further assistance.



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the is in fact a stainless panel available
for this model

call appliance parts pro at
ask for part number

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either it's an old unit that needs replacing, or the water preasure in your house is insufficient.

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Try a dishwasher cleaning product. Relatively easy to check if the pump is working. Line up both the spray arms front to back and then run a sequence and see if the arms have moved. If they've moved the pump is working

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A dishwasher cleaner may help. It usually is for lime deposits but it still may break the stuff down enough to flush it out. Wal-Mart or an appliance store should have it.

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Start with removing the screws in the bottom of the dishwasher and pull out the filter, etc. Clean everything you remove in a sink and soak in white vinegar anything is coated with minerals.
Inspect closely everything you can now see with a flashlight (watch out for broken glass!) Remove any debris found. Reassemble and test if removing any obstructions found.
If problems continue, run a short cycle and listen closely. When the pump should be running, do you hear the sound/hum of the motor turning (but water is not draining?) If yes, replace the pump motor.
If you hear nothing during the cycle when the dishwasher should be draining, the problem is almost certainly a failure of the timer/controller that controls the pump motor.
Good Luck!

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