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Sounds like something is stuck in the drain motor

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The motors in machines will easily shred any clothes caught between the inner and out drum. Then the bits end up in the filter or the pump. If the logic board feels that the machine is not pumping, it won't let it spin. See if the lower panel is removable and look for the filter. The pump can be anywhere in the base, but more often than not at the rear.

All of the manuals are online, and also videos showing how to check filters and replace pumps.

If it is the machine in the category you posted, the machine has no filter, and the pump is bottom right rear when viewed from the from. The manual is very detailed and gives trouble shooting tips. See page 35 below

Whirlpool CALYPSO WashMotion GVW9959K 0 User Manual Component Location

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I know it sounds mad, have you checked the fuses in the plugs they should be at lease 13 amp any smaller is not suitable for theses machines eric

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Sorry to say... You may end up buying a new washing machine. Having said that, the problem may one or more of following...

a) Broken concrete balancing slabs in the machine
b) Broken shocks in machine bottom
c) Broken inner drum spindle. Need a new inner drum.
d) Drum bearing gone and drum had moved forward.

If it is C) or D) you will be looking for a parts and labor repair bill closer to a newer machine. We repair guys make a living in North America to the cost of living here. Machine is made in Mexico or China or Korea for low wage. Too bad.. You will have to give your money to another country to get a new machine.

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whirlpool , simpson , westinghouse are all in the same manufacture house
you problem sounds like the tub suspension rod air dampers have failed
replace these rods and the tub is more stable
at the bottom end where the rods go through the mounts is a plastic cylinder that has a moving piston and spring inside ' the tip section of the plastic breaks free and then there is no air dampening effect
you will have to remove the top of the machine to get to the upper ends to replace the rods
cosy for 4 rods is around $90.00 AUD and can be got from the service agent spares

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If you look insinde the drum do you see any rust forming? Also the video might help.

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Defective control panel is likely.

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If it is a Calypso, abandon it immediately... it is amazing you still have it. One of the worst designs, ever. Whirlpool Washing Machine Drain Pump 285990 No Longer Available

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Are you saying its rinsing pouring water in then draining over and over?

If so Washer fills with water then drains:

The critical question is. Is the water is just running down the drain but the pump isn't running. If it is being pumped out, and you can hear the pump running just the same as when it's emptying prior to spin then it could be aborting the wash because it is, or it thinks it's overheating. ( due to defective water temperature switch)

If the pump is failing to shut off then there is something wrong with the electronics. If your washer is a mechanical timer controlled device then you may have a sticking switch (which may explain if switching cycles does something for you). But if you have an electronic timer then you may be experiencing a board failure, where a cycle is being commanded when it is not intended to by design.

If water isn't being pumped out, but just draining away all the time, the washer will keep detecting there isn't enough water inside and top up with more.
Modern washing machines should be sophisticated enough to realize something's wrong and abort with an error, but if not, it may continue washing or rinsing for a short while before losing enough water to trigger more coming in again. It can get stuck on this cycle indefinitely and it's called siphoning.
Siphoning occurs when the end of the drain hose is lower than the level of the water inside the washing machine.
Try raising the hose and see what happens.
Also the drain hose should have some type of air gap where it fits into the stand pipe. It should not have an air tight fit.

Again Either it's siphoning down the drain due to an issue with the plumbing, it's overfilling, or also if it ( THE WATER) overheats then in some machines the software will employ a fill and drain tactic to cool down the water. The important thing is to work out which of these different faults is causing the problem by careful observation.

Other switch's to check would be the water inlet valve and the water pressure switch with a multi meter for continuity or OHMS.

And in some modern washers that come with THERMISTORS:
One symptom of a washing machine that thinks it's overheating and thus fills and drains at same time ( possibly because of a faulty thermistor) is if it's filling with cold water and pumping out at the same time. This is covered in this articleWashing machine fills and drains at same timealthough the same symptom can be caused by other faults.

By the way my advice is free cuz God is good!





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I had a similar issue, had a bad bearing. A quite frequent failure int this device. Only way to diagnose is dismounting it
These are not properly your model but see some videos how to do it:; might help to understand the job

How to Replace Washing Machine Bearings

Repair HE3 Washing Machine Bearing Noise

ApplianceRepairVBlog 2 Replacing the rear bearing on Whirlpool Duet...

Duet Whirlpool Sport Changing Bearings

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This could be a case of bad bearings and if it is you will need a service company to fix.

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It's hard to tell by your description of the problem, but it sounds like it could be the timer If it's not running while in spin mode, or as simple as a belt if it's running and not spinning fast enough.

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The problem is not the pump. IT appears that the water control valve is bad or the voltage that controls it is changing and then the valve stops working.

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If a status signal comes back from the motor controller that a current limit has been breached, the unit will return to standby mode and display either CA for average current limit trip or Cl for instantaneous current limit trip.
Before replace, I would first check the power supply, wiring and electronic.


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Hello James;

My name is Peter. I am a retired field service appliance technician.

On the bottom of the dome are 4 clips that you must push in on. Be careful not to damage the seal ring.


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8272124 that's part number for lid switch. Amazon I'm sure has far as schematic . There's one taped to inside front of cabinet. Or visit under customer service heading is a link to manuals

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Ca - Average Current peak - happens if there is a 2 second average of current draw greater than 5.55 amps at the motor windings. This may signify problems with the drive motor, thermal protector, or motor controller. Overloading the unit may cause this problem. Try washing smaller loads and see if the problem goes away. If it recurs when you wash bigger loads, decrease the size AND watch to see if you have to continue to decrease the size to keep the error from happening. If that were occurring, it could well be a sign of the electrical problems noted, requiring service.
CA Cl Average current limit Or Instantaneous current limit If a status signal comes back from the motor controller that a current limit has been breached, the unit will return to standby mode and display either CA for average current limit trip or Cl for instantaneous current limit trip. Average current trip occurs if there is a 2 second average of current draw greater than 5.55 amps at the motor windings. Instantaneous current trip occurs if there is a spike of 26 amps instantly at the motor windings. This may signify problems with the drive motor, thermal protector, or motor controller. Over-loading the unit may cause this problem.
I think CA means [C]ontrol [A]verage Error. It means you need to reset the control panel, and retry again.

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bad motor coupler between motor and transmission/ clutch assembly, is the belt loose or worn? it may be slipping

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