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free unlock of blackberry pearl 8100

Sister from Canada sent me a gift of blackberry pearl 8100 here in the Philippines. The BB Pearl is locked to provider Rogers of Canada. Need to have it unlocked so can use it here with local sim card. Need a free unlock software that can generate unlock code from the phone's IMEI no.

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Option # 3: T-Mobile or Cingular, your carrier
Yes, you can ask your carrier for an unlock code for your Blackberry and guess what, they do it for it Absolutely FREE. So, what is the catch? The only condition which atleast T-Mobile imposes on its customers before it gives out the unlock codes for the Blackberry Pearl or any other cell phone is that you have to be under the contract for atleast 90 days or 3 months before they can give you the unlock code. So, if you have the patience, I would recommend that you wait for this 3 month time frame before calling up 611 from your T-Mobile phone, talk to customer service and get your unlock codes.
In my search for the Blackberry Unlock codes, I found out that a lot of people mess up before they have no idea how to enter the unlock codes correctly. So, follow this method to enter your Blackberry Unlock code
How To Enter the Unlock Codes on a BlackBerry Cell Phone

422851199_3d16b31e6c_o.pngModel : All BlackBerry Models (except T-mobile)
1 - Using the menu go to Settings Menu -> SIM card press select.
2 - While holding the SHIFT key, type MEPD or (MEPPD for Vodafone Handsets)
3 - You should now see the five locking categories listed.
4 - While holding the SHIFT KEY, type MEP2 or (MEPP2 for Vodafone handsets)
5 - Release the shift key.
6 - You are now prompted to enter the Network MEP code (it will also state how many attempts left)
7 - Enter the code
8 - Enter Return/Enter
9 - The device should then be unlocked
Model : T-mobile BlackBerry Models
1 - On the Home screen, click the Tools icon. The Options screen appears.
2 - In the tools screen, select the Settings icon.
3 - Scroll to SIM Card and select it. You should see the phone number and the SIM ID number.
4 - Type ‘mepd’ to display the first five levels of SIM locking.
T-Mobile uses network locking so the Network should display Active. All other states should display Disabled
Please note: For the Blackberry 7100t you will hit the “P” twice when entering the ‘mepd’ and ‘mep2′ for steps 4 & 5.
5 - Type ‘mep2′ to display the dialog box asking for the unlock code (Press the Alt + 2 key to get the number 2)
6 - Input the Network Unlock code
7 - Press ENTER and reboot handheld.
Model : BlackBerry Pearl 8100 (Alternative instructions if above instructions do not work)
Can be done without a sim card inserted
To Unlock:
1 - While on the home screen, click the “blackberry key” on keyboard, then select “options”.
2 - Choose “Advanced Options”.
3 - Select “Sim Card”
4 - There is no area to type these letters, you just type them as instructed. No need to hit keys twice to get a letter either. Type m e p p d to display the first five levels of SIM locking. Most companies use network locking so the Network should display Active. All other states should display Disabled ( you will not see text appear on screen
while typing )
5 - Type m e p p 2 to display the dialog box asking for the unlock code
(Press the Alt + 2 key to get the number 2) ( you will not see text
appear on screen while typing )
6 - Input the SIM Unlock code
7 - Press in the trackball in once
Your phone is unlocked

Posted on Jul 14, 2008


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my blackberry pearl 8100 wont turn on

I took out the battery today to show someone (the battery) and I put it back in and all i get is a flashing red light. I charged it all day, and nothing happens. just wanna cry

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I have an answer for the 3-2 red light blink w/black screen. Remove the battery, hold the end call button and put the battery back in. The red light should stay on for a while now. Push and hold the call button and alternate with the end call button untill the hourglass shows. Allow some time to boot up. I stumbled upon this, so if this doesnt work, try simmilar procedrues. I did get mine to work. Good Luck, dont give up, it flashes that 3-2 code for a reason.

Posted on Jun 23, 2008


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blackberry pearl won't turn on

my blackberry pearl lost charge while still under warranty and i was sent a new one today. i put my sim card in and the new battery. a red light on the front flashes. i put it onto charge for a few hours, but now can't turn it on. it is brand new. is there a special way to turn it on the very first time.


PS.... i don't know what a RIM blackberry pearl is. mine is a vodafone blackberry pearl 8100

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i hate this phone.

Posted on Sep 12, 2009


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setting an ultronic clock

One of the residents in a retirement home has an ultronic clock with a stylus tucked into the back. He can't set it and neither can I. I was wondering if there were instructions somewhere in computer land that could help us. There is a reset button but that doesn't help either. It uses 2 AA batteries and I have tried changing them but that doesn't do anything either.

Thanks for any help you can send my way.


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Press "Mode" once to view the calendar
Press Mode again to view the alarm time
Set Time:
Press and hold Mode for 3 sec. to enter the time setting...Hour blinks..change by using Up or Down buttons. Press Mode again to set Minutes Press Mode to finish
Set Calendar:
Press Mode to see calendar
Press Mode for 3 sec to set year. Year appears, blinks...change with up or down buttons
Press Mode ..month appears...blinks. Change with up & down buttons. Repeat for day. Press Mode to finish

Posted on Mar 01, 2011


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Blackberry Pearl automatically deleting messages

Occassionally my blackberry pearl will delete all of my text messages and call logs. It has started to do this at least once a month if not more and is becoming very obnoxious. Do you have any idea what could be causing this and how to stop it?

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TRY THIS...Press and hold the up/down bottom left key. While holding this down press L then 5 then L then 5 again. an event log will appear now press the menu key scroll down to CLEAR LOG. USING THE TRACK BALL PRESS THE BALL AND DELETE THE EVENT LOG. These are cookies and will destroy your memory which is very small anyway. Do this from time to time and it should solve your problem. Good luck to all......

Posted on Nov 21, 2008


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Blackberry will not turn on, I just get a red light

I dropped my blackberry and broke my screen, the phone worked still but I could not see anything on the screen, I replaced the screen with a new one and when I put the phone back together and put the battery in I just got a red light for about 3 seconds and nothing else happened, just a black screen.

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this happened with my first blackberry and it never turned back on guess what softwar glitch it was never goig to work again so i got a new one the second one started having issues within a month and eventually got to the point where i couldnt wifi it would turn off on me for no reason tell me i had no service when i should have hang up on people freeze and simply sucked took it in to get it fixed guess what another software glitch that one went to blackberry heaven and i got another one this one is only 1 month old has all updated software and hey guess what no issues at all i suppose every phone has bugs in it to begin with look the aple iphone blew up when it first came out until they fixed the issues with it.

if your on a plan ur under warranty with blackberry take it back and there policy basically replaces the phone.

good luck

Posted on Jan 30, 2010


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can't receive SMS messages

My BB Pearl deletes sent SMS messages, wont' receive any SMS messages and won't log any calls. I have only had the phone a few weeks so the memory is not full. What can I do?


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Go into options, firewall and make sure nothing is checked off!!!

Posted on May 16, 2009


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Rollerball not working

Tonight the rollerball on my Blackberry Pearl will not work in the upward direction; only the downward direction. Is this something I can fix or is this a hardware problem?

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RIM will admit, its a known issue with the blackberry was the first blackberry with a front trackball and so there is a design flaw that dust will get in here and prevent the magnets from moving around inside.

the little silver rim is acutally designed to be taken off so you can clean inside. take an embrodery needle, and put it under the silver rim by the TY button on the keypad....once this pops off, there is the ball and there are 2 more silver rims inside along with 4 magnets. remember how you take this apart, cause if you dont, then this will void any warrenty your phone might have.

in order to clean this, soak the ball in rubbing alchohol and take a cotten ended Q-tip with rubbing alchohol and damp it a little bit and clean it real well.....its also nice preventative doing this regularly...,. (not taking the ball out, but just cleaning the rim and ball about once every other day or so....)

Posted on Jan 02, 2008


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blackberry pearl 8100 doesn't ring

Hi my bb pearl won't ring anymore. it was working fine then it just stoped wanting to ring. anyone know what to do. i checked all the settings and everything is activated and on loud.

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i had this same problem as well. the first time i did a battery pull and everything was fine again, for about an hour. when i did the battery pull again, it worked but i noticed when i was closing the door on the back that the sound stopped again. i discovered that pressing on the battery made the speaker engage again. i folded up a piece of masking tape and put it on top of the battery and then squeezed the door down to keep a constant pressure on the battery.

this isn't the classiest of fixes, but my phone rings when people call so i'll take it.

Posted on Sep 24, 2008


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t-mobile blackberry "radio path unavailable" ??

Help!! My phone won't let me call out or retrieve voice mails.
It keep telling me, "radio path unavailable".
What can I do to fix this so I can make calls? we've been getting that problem all of a sudden lately, and having trouble sending MMS texts

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Perform the following steps to try and resolve the issue:

  1. Remove the battery cover.
  2. Remove the battery (while the device is still powered on).
  3. Remove the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card.
  4. Reinsert the SIM card and the battery to reset the BlackBerry smartphone.

Posted on Oct 05, 2008

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