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You should really go through the manual next time you buy a device, not only can it explain you all the features which it has, but you can also figure out answers to basic things like "how to reset it". Here's the manual, I hope I helped:
HP Officejet J5780 PDF Manual

HP Officejet... | Answered on Oct 07, 2018 | 350 views

Problem Solved. I'm not sure what exactly was the answer but here is the steps I followed. First I went to the HP website and followed their procedure to uninstall hidden devices (namely duplicate HP devices). I uninstalled all of the devices. Then (with the USB cable still attached) I deleted the Printer and Scanner from Control Panel. At this point I disconnected the USB cable (the cable worked but the software wouldn't recognize the cable was attached). With the cable unattached, I uninstalled all the HP software with the 'remove software' program in control panel. The I used the original disk for the printer and reinstalled the software. Eventually the installation process prompted me to reinstall the USB cable. It was at this point the software started to recognize the cable again. And here is the best part, after the software finished installing the 'Scan To' button started working correctly!!!!

HP Officejet... | Answered on Nov 17, 2017 | 5,344 views

you document was place in a different direction, try to place the document in the right place and scan again.
hope this helps

HP Officejet... | Answered on Mar 15, 2017 | 301 views

Check the side sensor board or the head sensor

HP Officejet... | Answered on Apr 04, 2016 | 134 views

It does not have a cmos battery. the printer has flash memory so no need for battery

can't help with factory reset or bios flash sorry

HP Officejet... | Answered on Jun 21, 2015 | 161 views

Regarding your recent inquiry about the HP 74, 75, 74XL or 75XL ink cartridge error message ("Cartridges Not Aligned" or similar printer alert condition) and inability to print with your HP OJ J578 printer, this type of error is normally associated to an electrical connection issue between the printer and the cartridge, or more likely, an internal micro-electronic failure inside one of the ink cartridges (.....it is very rare for both cartridges to fail at the same time). An electronic failure of the cartridge would be unrelated to the ink cartridge refill process; these same failures can (and frequently do) occur with brand new ink cartridges.* To help identify the root cause, and to confirm/determine which of the two ink cartridges is causing the failure condition, please run the 'Tap 41' cartridge's electrical diagnostic test below (refer to C.)

Please first verify the age of the ink cartridge(s)....look at imprinted date on front of ink cartridge. If this 'warranty expiration date' has expired, then potential internal electrical cartridge failures can occur due to internal corrosion, etc.

NOTE: Unfortunately, alignment pages and internal self test prints will usually print Ok even if the cartridge is internally electrically damaged. Do not use these test pages as a proxy for determining whether a cartridge is good or bad, only the 'Tap 41/43' diagnostic test report can yield this information.


A.Ensure BOTH carriage/flex cables and BOTH ink cartridge contacts are thoroughly clean before proceeding: http://inkjet411.com/?page_id=1519

B.Print Extended Self Test:

    1.Press CANCEL + OK buttons at the same time.
    2.The extended self test page should print.
    --- Verify all colors and all stair-step nozzles are firing (i.e. no missing horizontal lines should be visible in the stair-step grid patterns). (NOTE: the self test page is a 'forced' test print whether the ink cartridges are good or bad). Inspect color bars to verify proper nozzle/jetting health. If normal/regular printing is still not permitted then the problem is with either one, or both, of the ink cartridges. Activate Tap 41 test to confirm which cartridge is causing the issue.

    C.Validate the cartridge's electrical health by running the 'Tap 41' diagnostics test. Refer to video procedure (or .pdf document) at the following links on how to activate and read the service test:

      1.Press the * and # keys simultaneously.
      2.Enter 124 (or 123) at keypad.
      3.Use the arrow keys to navigate to the System Menu. Select Ok.
      4.Use the arrow keys to navigate to the 'print-mech tap test'. Select Ok. Should display 'code = 0'.
      5.Use the arrow keys to enter 'code = 41' (or just enter 41 on keypad). Select Ok. The Tap 41 diagnostic test pattern should begin to print.
      NOTE 1: The 'Tap 10' (extended self test) can also be activated by pressing CANCEL + OK buttons at the same time. Whether ink cartridges are good or not, i.e. this is a forced print test). Refer to following 4 paragraphs (or video) on how to interpret diagnostic report.....

      NOTE 2: You may also refer to this document for specific printer model 'Tap 41' diagnostic & 'Cartridge Error Bypass' step-by-step instructions: http://inkjet411.retailinkjet.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/HP-74-75-Problem-Resolution_v10.pdf

      --- Providing the color cartridge is partially functioning the Tap 41 diagnostic test print will be printed (this is a forced service print test which is mainly used for the evaluation of ink cartridge electrical health). A good HP 75/75XL color cartridge should display 600 good nozzles, while a good HP 74/74XL black ink cartridge should show 672 good nozzles. If the results yield anything different then the ink cartridge is likely damaged and will need to be replaced. Refer to video on how to read the printout.

      ---- If the printer attempts to print the diagnostic test pattern (1 page) then the printer is generally considered operational and functional, if nothing is printed, but the printer attempts to print the pattern, then the tri-color ink cartridge is either empty, clogged or severely electrically damaged (black ink cartridge is not used). You can remove the tri-color cartridge, reactivate the tap 41 test and the printer will print the diagnostic test print in black ink.

      You can also test general printer performance by running the 'Tap 10' diagnostic test, use same procedure above and enter "code = 10". Both the 'Tap 41' and 'Tap 10' tests are 'forced print tests' - the printer will make every attempt to print the pattern whether the ink cartridges are good or bad...the patterns should be utilized to diagnose cartridge health. If 'regular' printing is still not possible then one or both of the ink cartridges is damaged.

      NOTE 3: It is possible to 'temporarily' bypass the cartridge error message (for emergency printing purposes only), please refer to link above/below for video/documentation instructions. However, if the cartridge is determined to be electrically damaged, largely dependent on the 'Tap 41' diagnostic test results, the cartridge will eventually need to be replaced with a new one. With a marginally performing ink cartridge, this typically results in allowing 1 entire print job to be printed at a time. If this does not permit any print operations then the cartridge has severe internal electrical damage and will need to be replaced:

      D. Cartridge Error Bypass ( Emergency Printing Only - http://inkjet411.com/?page_id=544 ):
      1. Press the * and # keys simultaneously.
      2. Enter 123 (or 124) at keypad. The 'Underware' menu should be displayed.
      3. Use the arrow keys to navigate to the Information Menu. Select Ok.
      4. Use the arrow keys to navigate to the 'checksum for relock data input'. Select Ok. LCD should display a 5-digit number after a few seconds.
      5. Attempt to send a print job to printer
      NOTE: with a marginally performing ink cartridge, this typically results in allowing 1 entire print job to be printed at a time. If this does not permit any print operations then the cartridge has severe internal electrical damage and will need to be replaced.

      *Many cartridges eventually do encounter problems or failures, especially after their original ink is gone and they are re-used, and this is often unrelated to the refill process. The "Incompatible Print Cartridge(s)" / "Print Cartridge(s) Problem" / "Refer to printer documentation" / "Cartridge Error: Cartridge must be replaced" / "Cartridge in left/right slot is not intended for use in this printer" / "Now printing alignment page" error messages are typically indicative of failed micro-electronics internal to the ink cartridge(s). Also note that it is common to have a marginally performing ink cartridge (which was performing ok before) in the adjacent slot (i.e. color), then when a marginally performing cartridge is installed into the other slot (i.e. black), both of the ink cartridge(s) then get flagged with electrical errors. Running the 'Tap 41' cartridge health diagnostics test will confirm the active state of both cartridges.

      For reference, the following page provides a complete review of the majority of cartridge error messages you may observe on your printer at one point or another:

      However, if your printer works routinely after inserting a brand new HP 74 and/or HP 75 ink cartridge in it, then this will confirm root cause of failure as being limited to one of the ink cartridges.

      For additional HP OJ5700 printer series diagnostics information please visit: http://inkjet411.com/?page_id=1813

      CAUTION: Be advised, the use of compatible/clone cartridges (i.e. sold thru the internet from overseas) are known to be problematic and may cause printer errors. We do NOT suggest refilling these types of ink cartridges.....refilling of HP 74/75 original/genuine ink cartridges is only suggested!

      HP 74/75 Ink Refilling Services & Additional Cautions:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqnHRFpbo0w

      If you need to purchase a new HP 74/75 ink cartridge(s), we suggest you try a remanufactured ink cartridge from http://www.inkplicity.com/ as their ink cartridges typically have the lowest cost in the USA, have a high reliability rating and provide a 1-year warranty (remanufactured ink cartridges which have been thoroughly tested; purchases are only available by USA residents).

      For any additional questions please contact us directly: Inkjet411help@gmail.com

HP Officejet... | Answered on Mar 03, 2015 | 175 views

have an HPOfficejet 6500A Plus and the ax number of rings is preset at 2 rings before answer.
How can I Increase the number of rings?

HP Officejet... | Answered on Sep 25, 2014 | 132 views

You can set up a network using a router. That would allow access both or either way depending on how you set up the permissions. See networking in control panel.

HP Officejet... | Answered on Jul 11, 2014 | 27 views

Do you mean encrypted? Please explain. There is a virus around that encrypts files as you try to open them, use Linux to retrieve them.

HP Officejet... | Answered on Jul 08, 2014 | 31 views

I think that the most convenient way is to purchase an exterior hard drive or a disk memory and transfer all your files to the exterior disk. Doing this you are making a backup and still you can view all your files on either Windows 7 and 8!!

HP Officejet... | Answered on Jun 27, 2014 | 44 views

Regarding your recent inquiry about the HP 74 or HP 75 poor print quality problem your HP OJ5780 printer is currently experiencing, we suggest you perform the following corrective steps to help resolve the issue:

Cartridge & printer maintenance should be evaluated - ensure both ink cartridges and flex cable contact surfaces (where the cartridge interfaces to the carriage inside the printer) are thoroughly clean: http://inkjet411.com/?page_id=1519

1) Gently blot the cartridge Nozzle Plate with a damp lint-free towel/wipe - a small amount of ink should be dispensed, and be visible, on the towel (all 3 colors should be present for a Tri-color cartridge).

2) If no ink is dispersed from nozzle plate (i.e. visible on towel) or ink cartridge completely fails to print on paper after installed in printer, then more drastic cartridge and printer cleaning steps will likely need to be performed to recover ink cartridge (NOTE: foam inside cartridge can dry out and become very hard - the foam must be moist with ink to function correctly (i.e. ink flows and wets the nozzle plate). Refer to 'clogged ink cartridge recovery' video here: http://inkjet411.com/?page_id=2818

Providing the ink cartridges are clean, the problem may be caused by a dirty wiper blade or poor seal in the service station (capping station where the ink cartridges park when not in use) and this is causing the poor jetting / print performance issue you are observing. Remove the ink cartridges and thoroughly clean the wipers and seals: http://inkjet411.com/?page_id=1519

If the issue continues then please refer to 'Troubleshooting' section on our website - the printer manufacturer websites are also provided here: http://inkjet411.com/?page_id=106

Run a quick printer 'self test' (see link below for instructions) or print one of the Inkjet411 test prints to evaluate cartridge performance (i.e. 4-color test print): http://inkjet411.com/?page_id=146

Advanced HP Printer Diagnostics (i.e. printer self tests, etc.): http://inkjet411.com/?page_id=1813

You can also check our 'Print Quality' page of the 'General Information' section of the Inkjet 411 website and follow additional suggestions provided, particularly if the cartridge is not causing the poor image quality problem (i.e. printer driver settings issue): http://inkjet411.com/?page_id=1432

-Thank you
Inkjet411 Team Member (inkjet411help@gmail.com)

HP Officejet... | Answered on Apr 19, 2014 | 94 views

check da paper out sensor

HP Officejet... | Answered on Apr 06, 2014 | 16 views

howto solve 50.2 fuser error for cm2320

HP Officejet... | Answered on Dec 29, 2013 | 49 views

Use canned air to blow out the sensors. It's likely dust causing the paper jam (or it COULD be a piece of paper that you can't see in the paper path). I use those foam "Q-Tips" with alcohol to clean them up. They are wooden sticks with foam on the end, and rather small.

HP Officejet... | Answered on Dec 21, 2013 | 16 views

Alcohol will help in cleaning the build up.Make sure you turn off the machine before cleaning. After the bay is dry, insert the cartridge and on the display, using tools button, clean the cartridge. After that using tools button do the allignment process. good luck

HP Officejet... | Answered on Nov 28, 2013 | 97 views

Either the print head for black is faulty, or the wiring to the black print head on carriage are broken. Try also cleaning the metal sensor to the black cartridge inside the ink carriage.

HP Officejet... | Answered on May 16, 2013 | 1,021 views

I had the same problem. The only difference is that I decided to try using an XL cartridge to save money on ink. This is what caused my error message. After exchanging the XL and replacing it with the regular size cartridge the error message went away.

HP Officejet... | Answered on May 16, 2013 | 2,019 views

Switch off, Remove catridge and Clean any leakage in the printer.
Clean the catridge with saliva if u do not have any cleaning liquide. Put the catridges back switch on and you are there. My hardware officer just tried it this morning and it worked like magic.
Note make sure all leakages are removed.

HP Officejet... | Answered on May 16, 2013 | 8,095 views

Try cleaning with a wet towel the contacts in your printer
probably have ink on contacts and nan not read your cartridges
it is the metal pins ,the point that cartridges are getting in

HP Officejet... | Answered on May 16, 2013 | 615 views

When you turn it off, count to thirty-five (35) slowly before you turn it back on. This will give the printer's memory a chance to empty completely. If you turn it off and on too quickly then you might get some garbled message.

Bon Chance!

HP Officejet... | Answered on Apr 20, 2013 | 144 views

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