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v5000V (now obsolete and retired at HP,no support) (tiny)
11 years old now.! (doing site searches i did find the 1 book)
well good, you ran it with no main battery , very good.
they do go bad often and short out inside, so leave it out until the PC runs perfect again,. ok? 11 year old batteries are well, BAD NEWS.
but what does the screen do?, tell about the screen , the LEDs tell very little and get confused easy, see last paragraph below.
the screen must show text that is first of all fact with fan, the fan must blow and not be packed up with lint like all are this old and never SERVICED.
next is what, the RTC coin cell. will be dead.
ill make a list , for you, for laptops only.
  1. big battery out, leave it out, run an AC only pack.
  2. new coin cell,? RTC ? Page 102, ,, http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c00700903.pdf
  3. fan must blow, does it>??? and free if lint all vents and fan.?
  4. screen must show text turned on now, does it>?
  5. yes, good , no bad, no means CCFL dead. CCFL are backlamps and all PC this old used daily the lamps are now bad, on all of them or dim, or yellow'd or blinking or intermittent. ALL DO THAT NOW. until 2010 LED born.
  6. yes good ,you got text then we test BIOS next. page 210, "hit f10 to enter setup" < see that , that is the text you saw for 11 years but not today. that is text, and the F10 key works, and takes you to BIOS screens, does it?, if not do line 2 above.

I will stop here, no OS stated is this XP? or VISTA?
after step 6 works we can do windows tests.,hdd test, etc.

the first step on all HP LT
is the HP long reset. (posted millions of times at real HP forum)
1: main battery out.
2: line pack AC removed.
3: hold the hp power-button for 10 to 30 seconds
now run on ac only. run now?

one other clue is beeps and blinks of Caplock Led keys, codes
never ignore blink codes.
page 13 in the above manual covers the battery lamp but the battery needs to be kept out, its 11 years old do no use it.
the lamp
lamp led 1 is power, (does this glow?) if not power pack issues.
if led 1 blinks that means it needs the long reset above.
lamp led 2, is battery , no matter, battery is out. for sure.

here is dead laptop page.
seem you are stuck at step 5 to me.
step 11 below page,see that, it's the flash light test !@


getting the PC to boot is last, its the last in the serial chain of events. (and a whole other bag of snakes)

HP Compaq... | Answered on Dec 22, 2017

If the drivers allows it, you can change the region, ! of course, its inside the drivers settings. over the device manager.

HP Compaq... | Answered on Mar 07, 2017

you need to update drivers.
download the latest drivers from below link.

HP Compaq... | Answered on Nov 10, 2014

Try looking for the CMOS battery underneath the plastic covers for the wifi card / RAM on the bottom of the laptop. They unscrew. You may see a small, button-cell battery somewhere that connects to the board with 2 wires. Disconnect this, and wait a few minutes. The power on password should clear.
Otherwise, try using the serial number to generate a master password at (http://bios-pw.org)

HP Compaq... | Answered on Dec 17, 2013

Enter safe mode at start up by pressing F8, log in as administrator, from here you can clear any user passwords.

HP Compaq... | Answered on Nov 12, 2013

check hp support website or intel support and download driver's website

HP Compaq... | Answered on Nov 09, 2013

THis is from the HP tech chat thing, and it seems to be working. I did method 2 and browsed to the file:
1. Click Start 2. Click Shutdown 3. The "Shut Down Windows" dialog box will be displayed 4. Select "Shut Down" from the me 5.
Start the system again. 6. When the Red Compaq logo appears press F8 repeatedly until prompted with the "Windows Startup
Menu" 7. Select option 6 (Safemode Command Prompt) by pressing the down arrow key until Safe Mode Command Prompt is
highlighted 8. Press Enter 9. At the C:\ prompt type D: and press Enter 10.At the D:\ prompt type CD CPQS and press Enter
11.At the D:\CPQS prompt type XQR press Enter
Method 2:
1. Click Start 2. Click Run 3. In the "Open" box type C:\CPQS\QUICKSR\FRESTORE.EXE Performing these steps should resolve this

HP Compaq... | Answered on Aug 15, 2013


HP Compaq... | Answered on May 08, 2013

Check with other headphones. Remove drivers. Restart. Reinstall audio drivers.

HP Compaq... | Answered on Apr 17, 2013

there are lots of driver update programs online. Check some of them out and see if this helps

HP Compaq... | Answered on Nov 20, 2012

Read the manual for the process to get into System Recovery or Factory Restore.

Get online and got to www.google.com In the google search box type: "ASUS Support" (without the quotes and put your manufacturer name before Support). Look for downloads and drivers. Enter your model number and operating system when requested. Look for Manuals and search them for System Recovery or Factory Restore.

System Restore will allow you to select a Restore Point (date and time) to set your system back to when it was working ok. It does not delete any of your data, documents, music, pictures, videos or programs (unless the program was installed after the Restore Date you selected).

System Recovery (sometimes referred to as Factory Restore) will set your system back to when you first purchased it. It Deletes Everything. Most times the System Recovery does not work unless there is a recovery partition on your hard drive created by the manufacturer. If you are trying to recover from a set of cd's most times it does not work.

Instead of doing a System Recovery it's much easier to just Reinstall Windows. Look on your computer for the Certificate of Authentication (COA) Sticker. It will tell you what operating system is on your computer and it will give you the Product Key Code (a series of 5 letters and numbers) that you will need to activate windows. If you don't have an operating system disk, borrow one from a neighbor, friend, relative or co-worker. Just make sure it is the same as your COA Sticker's operating system or it will never activate. Also make sure you get the COA Product Key Code for the disk you borrow because sometimes the system will ask for the one that is on your system and sometimes it will ask for the one from the installation disk.

HP Compaq... | Answered on Jun 06, 2012

Probably the flex cable on your laptop is damage.
try to contact your nearest service center shop to check on it.

HP Compaq... | Answered on Dec 03, 2011

Unfortunately, there is no solution for this. it means that a strip of pixels has died and the only solution is to replace the whole display.
if the laptop is still under warranty there is a very good chance the warranty will cover that. and if not then youre looking at a couple hundred dollars to replace the screen.

HP Compaq... | Answered on Jun 13, 2011


1) Hinges supplied on ebay at about £15 a set. Non original parts seem fine.
A mini screwdriver set of decent quality with a magnetic feature helps & Duck (duct) tape.

2) Switch off and remove from mains source. Also flick battery holding switch and push out main
battery. Remove small Phillips screws under battery.

3) You can try the 'quick' method and not undo the whole of the base screws BUT be very careful
as you work not to damage the 2 sets of wires passing through the LH and RH hinges.

4) Pry off the long back top cover near hinges which has the start button on it and 'Presario' written
on. You do this by pushing from front just under F2 F3 SCROLL and PAUSE keys as well as from
the back. If you hold the keys down as you pry this helps. Use a thin blade of driver but be careful
not to split the thin plastic. TAKE YOUR TIME - BE FIRM BUT DON'T FORCE. Work round it
and it will eventually pop out upwards.

5) You have now access to the hinge cover(s) so remove these and also offending hinge(s) from main
Don't let the lid sprain the hinges even further or break as existing good one! A temporary
hinge of Duck taping lid to base may help.

6) Take out the little grey rubber plugs from the screen side of the lid. They can be stuck back after.
Unscrew silver phillips screws (6 or 8 I think).

7) The plastic front of lid should now pry off and whole top opens up to reveal the side hinge
fastening. Unscrew little black screws and keep safe. Then carefully extract hinge.

8) Refitting basically just reverse of above. Hinges are naturally stiff to hold the screen so open
them up to the best angle to get all hinge screws in. A magnetic screwdriver does help!
Also, if both hinges have gone do one THEN the other to avoid pulling the lid cables too much.

I did mine, hinges fine and laptop still works!

HP Compaq... | Answered on May 05, 2011

Hi Yvan!

Even if the inverter is the problem, it should go past the Compaq logo, it should still boot to windows as normally as it should.

If it boots to Windows, it's an inverter problem, if not, then it's something else.

Best Regards,


HP Compaq... | Answered on Mar 21, 2011

Router model?

HP Compaq... | Answered on Oct 26, 2010

Your laptop runs on 18.5 volts DC at 3.5 amps.....Check the output on the printer power pack, if it is not the same, you have probably cooked your motherboard and that is what you will need to replace. Laptops do not under any circumstances like power that is not speced to thier configuration.

HP Compaq... | Answered on Sep 19, 2010

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