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check speaker cable, may be the speaker cable not connected properly

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Hello there! We can definitely fix this issue. It would be helpful to know what version of windows you are running, but it is not required. What you want to do is shut down the computer, get it to the point where it is all the way OFF. Go ahead and turn on the computer, and as it starts coming up, before you see the "Starting Windows" or similar screen, you need to PRESS F8 on the keyboard. To make sure you do it in time, as soon as you turn on the computer start pressing F8 on the keyboard, about once a second until it takes you to a BOOT OPTIONS screen where you have options like:


and others, not necessarily in that order, but something similar, you will definitely know when you get there. At this screen you need to use the keyboard arrow keys to move down to SAFE MODE and press ENTER on the keyboard. This will boot you up in safe mode. From this point, you need to RIGHT CLICK on My Computer (either on the desktop, or under the START button menu) and go to PROPERTIES. From there you should have a HARDWARE TAB, the second tab at the top usually. From there you should have a DEVICE MANAGER button. Click on that, it will pull up a list of hardware in your machine. We want to look for Display Adapters, and click the + sign next to it (on the left of Display Adapters) and it should drop down at least one option there. Click on whatever it is that dropped down, directly below and "attached" to display adapters. It will highlight the option. Now click REMOVE or DELETE, whatever button you have at the bottom. It will ask you to confirm that you want to remove the device. You do, so click YES. You should have only one option under display adapters, and now it should be gone. If you have more display adapters, remove them the same way, but DO NOT GO PAST DISPLAY ADAPTERS. We want to just remove any and all display adapters on the system. Now that it (or they) is gone, we can reboot the system. So click START, go to SHUTDOWN, and RESTART (I'm sure you're familiar with this) and let it restart normally. It will reboot into NORMAL MODE on it's own, so just let it boot up. Once in Windows it will detect your display adapter again and install it all by itself. When it's done it may ask you to reboot, go ahead and do that if it does. Now you can boot up the computer normally without problems! (This next part is only if it still looks strange to you when it boots up, if things are too large for example, otherwise IGNORE THIS NEXT PART IF YOU ARE SATISFIED) From there you can adjust the resolution (screen size basically) by right clicking anywhere on the desktop picture, as long as it's not on an icon, and go to PROPERTIES at the bottom. From there you can go to settings and change the resolution with the little slider bar and click ok. Now you should be good to go!

Please let me know if something doesn't make sense, or you can't find the things I talk about. If you do need to reply PLEASE include what version of Windows you are using (such as XP, Vista, or 7).

Thanks so much!

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Go in safe mode (tap f8 while booting the pc) and set the resolution of your screen to a lower one. then reboot and you should have a working environment

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It "does not have any" unless you have installed some and they dont that case i cant tell you.

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no data is getting to the monitor , check cable

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Monitor does not need sound driver, just think of it as nothing more than powered PC speakers mounted inside monitor case. You need correct sound card driver in the PC to get sound.
Testing monitor speakers: use an MP3 player to feed to monitor audio line input (Green jack) using audio cable with mini stereo male phone jack at both ends (try Radio Shack) , set the volume on the monitor half way. If you get the sound OK, then the problem is in the PC setup.

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No sync could mean the computer is generating signal at a frequency that cannot be supported by the monitor. As soon as Windows starts to boot, press F8 to display the boot menu. One of the choices will be VGA mode. Select it, boot into Windows, then set your resolution/refresh low. Reboot into normal Windows mode. If you now get display, then set the resolution/frequency to your liking (as long as supported by your monitor).

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I assume that you have already try it on another PC with the same result.
Most common failure in the LCD monitors are bad capacitors (bulging top/seal or leaking) in the power supply, failed inverter circuits (blown fuse, shorted transistors, shorted/open transformers), bad lamps (poor solder connections or worn out lamps). You will need to open it up and inspect the inside, see example of failed monitors to get some ideas what goes wrong:
Post back what you see inside so we can guide you further.

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Your Minotor not support windows 7 frequincy or resulation.please open your computer safe mode, and set monitor frequincy only 60Hz. Resulation less area .Then solve your problem.

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You may have shorted out the AC plug. You'll need to test it for continuity by using a voltmeter.

If it is shorted out, then you'll need to have the plug replaced.

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It sounds more like the computer isn't starting up. The "no signal" message is coming from the monitor itself to tell you it's on but there's nothing coming in to display. Normally no special drivers are required for the monitor, and you'd see at least the computer maker's splash screen and BIOS messages if the computer was starting up properly.

You'll need to determine what is keeping the computer from starting up. Make sure it's getting AC power and that the power light comes on when you press the front panel power button. You may need a power supply. If the computer comes on but doesn't boot you may have memory problems or trouble with the motherboard. But your monitor is working properly.

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Speakers don't work on monitor

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If it has speakers it wil have a female jack for you to connect the sound from your computer audio out(usually the green jack) to the monitor. It if does not have sound you can buty extenal speakers most places limke wal and k marts

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I got the solution fokes ... go into C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data\Aspyr\Guitar Hero III and modify AspyrConfig ( open with notepad ) and modify          <s id="Video.Width">1440</s>     <s id="Video.Height">900</s>
This is how worked to me...the idea came after many many tries to fix it... and it will sure work for you :)

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Thake it back! These screens are cut from a large sheet. The expencive models are cut from the middel of the sheet, Cheaper models from the edges. Chances of a dead spot are greater on the edges of the sheet.

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There are no speakers on that monitor. Those are 'dummy' holes.

There are no AUDIO IN jacks on the back either.

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Resolution set too high for display.

Attach TUBE monitor, Start Windows, change resolution to 1024x768 (MAX) and then hit APPLY/OK.

Also check refresh rate, it is listed in hertz (hz) in advanced settings. Should be 70-72khz not faster than either.

Shut down PC, Connect LCD, you should have a decent picture.

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I would suspect it needs to have electronic troubleshooting done in the power supply section to find and replace the defective components. Is it possible the capacitor is in backwards?

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