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To those who are posting that your washer is filling but not agitating or spinning, check the lid switch. Often times the bar that engages the lid switch gets bent or some play in it and will not fully engage the switch. You can check the switch by feeling for the switch (usually on the left side near the back - under the top) and engaging it with a screwdriver. I was able to get mine working by pounding it with my fist above the switch, with the door closed (Fonzi style :) I then bent the metal bar by holding it with pliers, and with the door halfway open, I pryed the door up while holding the bar tightly with the pliers.

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You need a belt. Go to this site for illustrations, parts, prices, etc. Search Over 2 1 Million Appliance Parts

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Very easy fix. The agitator cogs are worn out and or broken. The repair kit PS334650. Just pop the top off the agitator, remove the dust cover inside, and then remove the agitator cogs. It takes a 11mm socket and ratchet and a few extensions to reach. It's about a $15 part, and takes about 10 minutes to fix.

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Patti! You have only One problem (Other than spelling!) Replace your Drain Pump. All your troubles (with the machine) will go away!

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You have a problem in the transmission.
How it works
Trans rebuild

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The hoses are not hooked up right ...

Here is a tip that tells you how to fix that problem...

Water will not stay in Washing Machine


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If you need further help, reach me via phone at https://www.6ya.com/expert/dan_73bbd84fe1d95b61

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Verify that both hot and cold water is hooked up correctly, and turned on. Machines will wait forever for an inlet valve with no water....

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remove the two screws one on each side of the top console,flip it up and on the left side you'll see a piece with a clear plastic hose line going to it,that's the water level switch or pressure switch that controls how much water fills into the washer.if the plastic line fell off or has a hole in it then this will happen or the pressure switch could be bad,you can take the hose off from the switch and blow into the line,no air should blow through it,if it does then there's a hole in the line,also you can blow into the hole on the switch very easy,you should hear a clicking sound but most likely the switch will be bad,they hardly ever go bad so check the clear line good.i think this is what you're talking about,if the water just keeps filling the washer even when it's off then you have a bad water valve on the back of the washer,dirt gets in the valve and it can't close all the way and water just keeps filling into the machine,if this is what's happening then shut down the house water valve until you can replace the water valve on the washer,let me know what you find.the part for the pressure switch is W10337780 and it's around 30 to 40 bucks,the part number for the water valve is
285805 and it's around 30 bucks

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This is usually caused by the motor coupler. This is very inexpensive and easy to replace. Here is a video this will walk you thru this disassembling and replacing a motor coupler in a direct drive machine. It may be a different model but the troubleshooting and replacement will be the same. You can also enter your model # for your specific model to get diagrams and illustrations. Not all models are available. All parts come with installation instructions.

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This advice is for a washer that fills and will not shut off, resulting in an overflow. Or, water is leaking from the washer while filling. The symptoms can apply to either a TOP LOADER or FRONT LOADER washer. This may be able to save you from an expensive service call by making these simple visual checks.

Water Does Not Shut Off and Overflows: The water level in a washer is controlled by the Pressure Switch. The switch is usually cylindrical in shape and has an electrical connection and an air hose attached. In many cases, the small air hose comes loose from the Pressure Switch fitting and/or falls off. This air hose is required to detect the air pressure from the wash tub as tub fills. With no air pressure, the switch will not function and the result will be a wash tub that fills continuously to the point of overflowing. The same would be true, if the air hose has any cracks, splits or holes in it.

Water Leaking While Filling: The other end of this hose runs to the air dome fitting on the side of the wash tub. If the lower end of the hose comes off, the water will begin to spill onto the floor under the washer, but the tub will not fill.

What to Look For: Check for the obvious. Make sure the air hose is still attached to the pressure switch and air dome. Then, inspect the entire length of the hose, paying particular attention to areas where chaffing may occur and at the points where the hose connects to the pressure switch and air dome. Vibrations from the washer can cause some wear if the hose is rubbing against anything, and the ends of the hose can stretch over time and not seal properly.

On most top loaders the Pressure Switch is located inside the operator console behind the knob that controls the water level. This knob is commonly referred to as the "Load Level", "Load Size" or "Water Level". On front loader washers the pressure switch location is usually located in the back of the washer behind the wash tub, or along the interior cabinet wall adjacent to the wash tub.

How to Correct: If the hose has slipped off, cut about ½" off the end of the hose and reattach to the pressure switch and/or air dome fitting. Take a small zip tie and place it around the hose at the point where it connects to the fitting. DO NOT over tighten as this can damage the air hose fitting. Just make the zip tie snug enough to keep the air hose from sliding off. If the hose has any cracks or holes, you can attempt to seal them by using electrical tape. Replacement tubing can be purchased at any hardware store.

NOTE: This is not an all inclusive fix, as the Pressure Switch can fail in some cases and cause similar symptoms. This is merely a preliminary check for a common occurrence that I have discovered. It can give symptoms of a major problem, resulting in a call for a repairman, only to turn out to be a simple fix that any Do-It-Yourselfer should be able to check and correct themselves. I hope this information is found to be helpful and saves many of you a future service call.

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To get a repair manual click on the link below. Then scrool down to the roper section to get the repair manual.


Good Luck

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This is a direct-drive washer and the part that usually leaks is pump which is directly coupled to the rear spline o the drive motor. The cabinet is removed for access to the machine parts instead of the back panel. You have to replace the pump if it is leaking.

Remove the screws securing the console to the rear of the machine then pull forward and up on the console and lay it back on the hinges.

Disconnect the lid switch harness connector by pressing on the tab, located in the middle, and pulling it up.

The cabinet is attached to the rear of the washer by two brass-colored retaining clips. Insert a flat blade screwdriver into the turned-up edge of the clip, located on both sides, and then pry back to release the clip from the slot in the cabinet.

Open and hold the lid while grabbing the cabinet front opening then tilt the top of the cabinet toward you by pulling the cabinet away from the base. This releases the front and back slots of the cabinet from the tabs in the front and back of the base. Using the side of your leg and/or body as a support for the front of the cabinet, carefully lift up and set the cabinet aside.

Pry the clips off securing the pump to the motor and remove the pump.

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chek the water elctrovalvles and replace it , this most be 1 solution another will the hyperstatic hose or sensor of load size

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