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I have the same problem with my Canon S21S, and I was blown-off by Canon "Support" a long time ago. They won't fix them even though it is the same problem as with the S11S because they're too cheap to spend the money.
So my solution is simple: DON'T BUY ANYTHING MADE BY CANON! EVER!

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Try a hard reset of camera electronics. Canon may have a hidden code to do this with. Suspect your electronics are fubar and you may have to go shopping since repair is not cost effective. Shame - good camera.

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Take it to a service centre

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E16 Image sensor readout timeout error.

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press star, press 28, press function, press clear, press error and then press ok. then press the shutdown. and on off your machine.

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I'd try replacing the battery first. It is common for a low power battery to not allow the camera's computer to read what it is supposed to do correctly. If the new fully charged battery doesn't fix it, I'd then contact customer service.

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Check this

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If you are closer to your subject than the minimum focus distance of the lens the camera will not focus and therefore will not let you release the shutter.

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Hi, if the card has never worked in that device before you should probably check they are compatible.
Some cameras will only take an SD card of a certain size. Some will only take SDHC but not SDXC. Check the spec of your card, is it the correct class, etc...that may throw up a resolution to your issue


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Try a different card first.

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Yes you can. But you have to visit a canon service center and order them to your lense.

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"E18" indicates an error that involves the lens unit or lens cover in your camera .This error appears where the lens is prevented from properly extending or retracting .The error may also be displayed if the lens camera has been subjected to an external shock, or if a foreign substance (i.e. liquid, sand, dirt) enters the camera.Hold the camera so that your fingers do not touch the lens unit when you are shooting. Make sure the camera is off before the camera is placed back in the case. Exercise caution to ensure that the camera does not accidentally power on while the camera is stored inside the case.If you cannot clear the error code by turning the camera off and then on again, or if the error code is displayed frequently, a camera malfunction may have occurred and might require service from canon.Or else try pressing the power button on and held it down while extending the zoom lens. The lens will extend out and the camera will be freed from the error.

Thank you !!

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if the button does not react while pressing try to visit the nearest service center and have them replaced

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Following information is not mine but from another site. This is a cut and paste since i didn't want to give you the bad news. Now the news;

I e-mailed Canon tech support, and received a suggestion to remove, wait for 20 minutes, then reinstall the batteries. I confirmed that they were fully charged, and restarted the camera. The lens extended, but the LCD display is sometimes shot through with horizontal lines resembling static, which are recorded in photos taken afterwards (examples attached.). The camera now starts up randomly, and the lines come and go randomly. The only offer Canon has made after this was to offer an "upgrade" to a refurbished S2 IS for $299. That's about the price of a new one online! I have decided not to buy any Canon digital camera again. I would, however, like to try to get this one running with a degree of reliability. user_offline.gif quote.gif Canon S1 won turn on E16 error HELP Canon Digital Photography Forums
This is all the info i found. Hope this helps. also sorry about the camera.

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Unfortunately this issue is most commonly caused by an electrical failure with the camera's power unit. Sometimes a hard reset will work, though I'm not sure if permanently.

Usually the solution is to call Canon's tech support and have the unit sent in for service. To give the reset a try however turn your camera on and immediately press and hold the Menu button for approximately 7 or 8 seconds (until you get a Reset Camera message). If you can get this far, do the reset and then power down the camera.

Then remove the memory card, the batteries and the date/time battery unit (a small rectangular door located inside the main battery well). Once all batteries are removed, turn the camera's power switch into the on position. Wait two minutes then press the power button as if turning it off. Then replace all batteries and the memory card.

Turn the camera back on and immediately set the time and date.
Turn the camera off and on a few times and take a few shots if possible. This works in about 25% of the time. If it doesn't and you have confirmed that the battery itselef is good (by placing it in another unit typically) then the camera will typically have to be sent in for a service repair.

Hope this helps.


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Here's the solution, I just had the same problem
1. take the memory card out
2.On the memory card there is a little switch (it will be the little tiny piece on the side of the card thats a different color) slide it up

In Case You Still Having Problem Then Follow Us For On : Canon Support

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Do not use alkaline batteries unless it is absolutely necessary. In some cases, alkaline batteries may have a shorter service life than NiMH. Alkaline battery performance is limited, especially at low temperatures. The use of NiMH batteries is recommended.
Never use manganese (Zinc-Carbon) batteries in your camera.
Check contacts of the battery and in the battery compartment of your camera. Dirty or oxidised contacts can be cleaned with a dry cloth. Never use sharp tools to clean contacts or anything in or on your camera. Always charge the battery before using it for the first time, or if you have not used it for a long period. 3 months is a very long period.
Also check if the battery door is closed correct. Most cameras do have a switch connected to the battery door. If the switch does not work correct, it could be you can't switch on your camera.
If you have a multi meter, you can check your battery. After charging the voltage should be higher (few tenths of a volt) than the voltage printed on the battery.
If the voltage is slightly lower, you know thee will be not enough left when the battery needs to deliver some power.

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Is the lens not coming out at all? did you check is the lens is blocked somehow?
When a mechanical problem occurs, this can be a trigger for the camera to shut down, before something becomes (more) damaged. Did something happen the last time you used the camera?
Was the camera switched of for a very long time?

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Most camera's need this time to autofocus but if you half depress the button before the camera autofocus should do its job in advance. The picture takes immediately then.

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