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To turn ON of OFF the PIP function, you must have its remote control. No other way.

Sony KV-27S45... | Answered on Jul 02, 2013 | 54 views

PIP function cannot controlled without a remote control.

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Vertical IC inside your Sony TV has damaged [shorted]. Four blinks of standby light denotes it. The number of blinks of standbylight in Sony denotes some fault, and can be determine according the the continueous blinks. In your case, the standby light will blink four times, then stop for a while and will continue to blink four times and so on. Vertical output IC should be replaced with same type and number. If you are aware in electronics and have tools, you yourself can do the work.
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I would certainly go in there and check out the audio amp IC. Been a while since I repaired one of these.....The audio amp in this case may have a built in timer inside the same IC. As we speak, I do not remember the location. Please note it is on a heat sink and think it is a TDA series. When you find this IC, it will cross with a NTE semi conductor . You will see a schematic telling you it is, an audio amp with built in timer. Thanks for asking and show a few hands of support.

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Your TV goes out as you increase its brightness I thinks. It won't go out till a certain limit of brightness and will go out after that. You just note the level of brightness when your TV shut downs. If it is from the start itself, it will be due to problem in the ABL [Automatic Btightness Limiter] section, which is at the printed circuit board and has complex circuits related with it, that you can't rectify yourself, as it needs some skill and ability to follow the schematic diagram of your TV, and some solering concepts, and you should have to go for an experienced technician.
If it shuts somwhere near when the brightness control comes to its middle or so, it is due to an advance in the screen voltage, that you can adjust it at home. For that you should open the back cover of your TV. All care and precautions must be taken when we works with an electrical equipment. After open the back cover you just locate where the screen adjustment control is. It may be sometimes in the Line Output Transformer, other wice known as [LOT], or its picture tube base card itself soldered into. If it is with 'LOT' it will be marked ans "Screen", and will be an adjustable potmeter. It can be adjusted with the help of a screw driver of even by bare hand; if you have dare and experience to do. If it is in the picture tube basc card, there will be a mark printed as 'screen'.
Keep the tv opened, switch on it. Wait for some time, say upto 20 seconds, after the screen on your tv is alive, advance its brightness control to the cut point. Just do it a little reverse and see whether the screen comes alive or not. If not, switch off the TV again. Reduce the screen voltage a liitle behind by turning its preset to a little, so that you can see the screen again. Then advance the brightness control and see whether the screen cuts off this time or not. if it cuts off this time also, the fault is in the above said ABL circuit. You should get it repaired by an experienced tecnician. never use the TV at this condition for more. It may effect the emission of the picture tube. ok.

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Many TV functions can be controlled from the on-screen menus using buttons on the TV itself. These include all kinds of settings however Sony did not include PIP in these menus. Therefore a valid remote is required to operate PIP. One thing you could try is removing the cable from the secondary input on the TV which provides the signal for the other picture. Without an input signal PIP may be disabled. Also, try buying a universal remote and setting the proper code for your TV. Original remote could be hard to find but may have one.

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Please update this with the blink count. That will indicate the circuit in which a problem was found. Once I have that information I should be able to give you the probable cause and remedy.


Sony KV-27S45... | Answered on Jan 13, 2012 | 629 views

u need to repair your tv from a technician. there is a problem in the internal circuit of your tv

Sony KV-27S45... | Answered on Jan 08, 2009 | 354 views

According to the manual... Problem: 'a red light keeps flashing on the tv for more than a few seconds', What it could be: 'your tv may need service', What you can do: 'Call your local Sony Service center'

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I can think of a few conditions that would fit that symptom, my guess would be problems in the vertical circuit which are somewhat common in that unit model. First I would test R561 0.47 Ohm for an open condition and test and/or replace IC541 with a TDA8172. IC541 is your vertical output. Another suspect would be vertical yoke windings. Maybe not short at the moment but could be shorting intermittently. You would have to have the windings ring tested to prove the theory. And lastly - depending on the distoritions I'd ring test the flyback transformer for intermittent short, sony p/n#1-453-268-11 and test the B+ (high voltage) as it comes up and at the point of failure. Any surging would be dispositive of a voltage regulation failure. Nine years is a good long time but there is no reason that this unit can't operate another 5-6 years. The repair diesn't sound too serious or extremely expensive for a reputable shop. If you need any help locating one you might try the NESDA web site: and I would take the unit to the shop rather than have them come and pick it up - even though it's so heavy- it will save some money. Sorry for the bad news, as a certified tech it's the one thing I least enjoy is giving bad news in a solution. Good Luck Bill

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and if it works otherwise why worry about a click when powering off . as we say if not broke do not fix

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If it came with batteries replace them with new Duracell batteries. The batteries are probably Chinese, low quality and partially drained.

It is never good to use Universal remotes. These days people buy Facsimile remotes which are a clone of the original will all the same buttons and features as the original.


Sony Bravia (model number) replacement remote

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It may be dust built up and you have to get a DVD insert that's made especially for cleaning the inside of the player

Sony Televison &... | Answered on Jan 03, 2020 | 130 views

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