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You must have its remote control to switch off the timer function.

Sony FD... | Answered on Oct 15, 2012 | 229 views

Download the user manual by this link. It will have all details.

Sony FD... | Answered on Jun 10, 2012 | 117 views

The video output section circuits has the fault. Might be a a video output transistor short. Type {Electro-help} in your search box and enter this site. It has all details.

Sony FD... | Answered on Jun 09, 2012 | 31 views

  1. Two blinks - B+ over current protection (OCP), unit goes to the standby mode then displays the 2 blink fault. Could be a short in the power supply of any of the circuits.

    Visit this site for more details. Type in the site name "Electro-help" either to Google or Yahoo search box [not in the address bar of your browser], and click search. It is an electronic equipments service help site. All details you want are there. Note the position of hyphen in between words in site name, when you type it in. The site will appear as it is in web; subtitled as Service help to electronic home entertainment equipments.

    Pull up older posts. You can get all details.

    Site is listed with Google. You can locate it either at the bottom part of first search page, or at the top of second page.

    Sometimes, one among the advertisements by the side and bottom of each post might help you to get details about the availability of spare parts and other components.

Sony FD... | Answered on Jun 02, 2012 | 115 views

It is a power supply regulator board problem. To get more details about it, and how to repair the poser supply fault, visit this site named "Electro-help"; to the search box of either google or yahoo. It have description about how to repair the poser supply regulator section. visit it, and pull up older posts there.
Never forget to type in 'hyphen' in between words.

Sony FD... | Answered on May 06, 2012 | 72 views

I think the problem with the remote control it malfunction take the remote control away from the tv
and test the tv

I had the same problem and one time the tv came on by itself
now i took the remote control away and testing the tv
now for 15 min. so far so good
try it and let me know
or call sony 1--800-222-7669
email me

Sony FD... | Answered on Apr 30, 2012 | 474 views

The verticaloutput section of your TV ahs the fault. You have to contact any expereinced service technician, or the authorised service center for Sony, to rectify this fault.

Sony FD... | Answered on Mar 21, 2012 | 48 views

  • Unit is dead, No blinks - Problem in the standby power section. Might check fuse, R607, Q601, IC601, R612 and VDR601 (should show open).
  • Continuous blink once a second, no pausing - No reply from the jungle IC301 (data bus is busy, shorted to ground, or held high), IK video path is defective.
  • One blink - not used for the self-diagnosis
  • Two blinks - B+ over current protection (OCP), unit goes to the standby mode then displays the 2 blink fault. Could be a short in the power supply of any of the circuits.
  • Three blinks - B+ over voltage protection (OVP), unit goes to the standby mode then displays the 3 blink fault. This is also a problem in the power supply circuit, check T603 and R672.
  • Four blinks - No vertical Deflection (V STOP), Screen goes to a single horizontal line then the video signal muted. Check IC1509, Q1505
  • Five blinks - AKB circuit (automatic kine bias), the timer/standby indicator blinks for about 30 seconds then goes to the self-diagnosis function. Something is wrong with the video. Check video out, Q705, 732, 761 and other components on the C board, also check Q218, 219, 220 on the A board. In addition, unit could be in IK blanking, try turning up screen slightly.
  • Six blinks - No Horizontal (H STOP), no raster, goes to the blinking self-diagnosis function immediately. Check C515 & 516 and the jungle IC, IC206.
  • Seven blinks - High voltage shutdown. The high voltage has exceeded 33k and the unit goes immediately into safety shutdown. Check power supply regulation and horizontal circuits.
  • Eight blinks - Problem with the audio (AUDIO), unit goes to standby and blinks the self-diagnosis code. Check IC406audio amp, PS401, and 402. On some projection models of Sony TV sets, this code means that T8005 (flyback transformer), or the associative components in the high voltage circuits are defective on the D board.

  • Nine blinks - Replace D 6116 and D 6301 on the "G" board, do not resolder as this will fix the problem temporary. Or Panel Module Error or Thermal Error. If it is intermittent 9 blinks, meaning sometimes the TV comes on and other times you get flashing, then change the switching regulator on the "G" board or check connections. Make sure the regulator is -12 or -13 (negitive).
  • Ten blinks - Check Q8014 and Q8013 for shorts, leakage, or bad solder connections on the " D" board. If the transistors are bad, check R8051 and IC8005, also on the "D" board.
Original Link

Sony FD... | Answered on Dec 06, 2011 | 218 views

Good day!

Unfortunately,the board/chassis is not available at any store online....only spare parts!!

but if you want to fix your problem on your own I'm here to teach you how to do that..

  1. Open the back cover of your TV..
  2. check the B+ supply (it is usually located at the 3rd pin of ply-back.
  3. if you don't have B+ the problem could be on the power supply section..check the possible open resistor and shorted diode and transistor..
  4. If you have B+ supply but it cut off,,please try to hang the connection of it then try to check again if it is stable when it hang the problem is the ply-back transformer..please replied it with the same type and part #..
  5. If you have voltage in B+ and the ply-back is not switch..The problem could be the Jungle I.C..please replaced it..
That is the possible trouble on your TV..please try to do that..
You have a better chances if you have failing capacitors on the chassis..
Look the actual image of it..If looks like leak/bulged on the top and bottom and sometimes have a oil on the based...please replaced it with the same value,type and ratings (uf)microfarad..

hope it helps....thank you..

Sony FD... | Answered on Jul 01, 2011 | 283 views

The problem is in the power supply, the most common cause is an open fuse and open capacitors, if the set is more than 10 years old consideration should given in replacing the tv especially if a professional gets involved.

Sony FD... | Answered on Jan 16, 2012 | 543 views

You can download a pdf copy of the service manual here. It's in 10 parts and in rar format. You will need WinRAR or 7-Zip to uncompress and reassemble the parts, and Adobe Reader to open the result.

Sony FD... | Answered on Mar 02, 2011 | 49 views

Hello; You probably have a CRT type set. Something has magnetized your CRT/Picture tube. The set has a built in degaussing system that will only work when you turn on the set when it is COLD ONLY. If after several cycles of turning on the COLD set and the green color hasn't gone, the circuit in the set for doing this has failed, OR you have the set near strong magnets, such as speakers. PUT ALL speakers at least 4 feet from the set and go through these off on COLD cycles. The deflection yoke on the picture tube could have moved due to Sony using crappy adhesives to hold the yoke positioning wedges in place. I am so glad to be done with Sony!!!!! John

Sony FD... | Answered on Feb 14, 2011 | 86 views

Number of Horizontal Output Transformer [ FBT OR LOT] for SONY FD TRINITRON KD-XBR960 is,


Sony FD... | Answered on Jan 24, 2011 | 74 views

The standby light shouldbe blinking is a pattern of a count followed by a pause then the count again repeatedly. If you can post that count here, we can use that to indicate the circiut in which the problem exists. That will determine the probable cost to repair.



Sony FD... | Answered on Nov 12, 2010 | 534 views

This tv have two power ICS left side of the FBT-The Flyback Transformer.The big black block of plastic with a red wire with a cap hook to a CRT(tv tube).Replaced those 2 power ICS,tv will solved this LED power light flashing,tv will have stable power again,tv will work.

Sony FD... | Answered on Oct 23, 2010 | 801 views

trouble in power supply try to look swollen capacitor or leaky transistor.

Sony FD... | Answered on Oct 15, 2010 | 44 views


Thanks for using FixYa. If its flashing continuously and you are unable to count the no# of blinks then the issue is with the bulb going bad and should be replaced. Please do accept the solution if the issue is resolved or post a comment for further assistance.


Sony FD... | Answered on Oct 07, 2010 | 552 views

phillips has the same problem but if your tv actually turns on it could be a short or just a fuse sonys a better tv than phillips should be an easy fix call a repir guy going price for that problem is 75.00 dont pay any more than that. the economy is bad everyone needs the work be smart. make sure if you say yes to the work that the repair guy will waive the consultaion cost of usually 35 to 75 dollars, if you chose to have the work done.

Sony FD... | Answered on Jun 02, 2010 | 584 views


Thanks for using FixYa. It you are away for a long period then turn it off to avoid any damage to the TV. Resolder the flyback transformer (FBT) as this transfer the power to the TV. A bad switch, power supply failure or a blown fuse as we know fuses blow due to high current event, possibly a shorted component on one of the low voltage rails. The shutdown circuit could be activated. The problem most likely will be that a component has become thermally sensitive or some capacitors that have become puffy or bloated and needs to be replaced. From what you have described it seems the issue is with the power board or the main board we’ll need to check few things. When you open the unit up; take a look at the power board-the board where, the power cords/plugs goes into. You might see some filter capacitors a little bulged up in the top-If this is the case-this is your defective part(you can try to replace them-but some soldering equipment is needed). If not, then probably the main board has gone bad. This is the other board-where all the inputs are going into. Also check the Backlight Inverter Board if the sound is coming fine from the TV however as it’s shutting off so it should be either the power board or the main board. All this is only recommended if you have electrical expertise and know how to solder/re-solder components.

Please do rate the solution if the issue is resolved or else revert for further assistance.


Sony FD... | Answered on Mar 13, 2010 | 535 views

This is from the Sony support site...

URL to page

"The STANDBY light will flash if an issue is detected within the television. This can sometimes be resolved by simply following the steps below to reset the television.
  1. Turn off the television. IMPORTANT: For a projection television that uses an internal lamp, wait 5 minutes after turning off the television to allow the lamp to cool before continuing with the following steps.
  2. Unplug the television power cord from the electrical outlet.
  3. Let the television remain without power for 60 seconds.
  4. Plug the power cord back into the electrical outlet. NOTE: If the television is plugged into a power strip or surge protector, remove it from the power strip or surge protector and plug it directly into the wall outlet. If the issue is resolved, the problem is with the power strip or surge protector and not the television.
  5. Turn on the television.
If the issue is still unresolved after following all of the troubleshooting steps, service may be required. Please note the number of times the STANDBY light flashes and relay that information to the service center."

Sony FD... | Answered on Jan 24, 2010 | 567 views

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