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The HDMI board needs to be serviced or changed.
nothing you can do.

Onkyo TX-SR806... | Answered on Sep 09, 2019 | 152 views

Yes, you can do this easily.
Perform the following steps
(1)Plug your amp to AC outlet.
(2)Switch it on.
(3)observe time taken for switching off.
(4)immediate to shut down over current protect(5)3 seconds to shut down DC protect.
If over-current protect do the
following steps
(O)unplug the amp.
(1)download NR806 service manual.
(2)open the amp metal cover.
(3)measure 7 large white resistors resistance loacated next to power transistors mounted on a large heat sink with black probe touching the middle pin and red probe to first/left or third/right pin.
(4)If this 3 Pins large white colour 0.22ohm x 2 resistor is open with infinity ohms ,
(5)replace it and jot down this channel for example left surround faulty. Usually only 1 channel went faulty.
(6)the two large power transistors next to this white resistor 0.22 ohms x2 should also be replaced.
(7)plug the amp
(8)switch it on
(9)if ok, troubleshooting get done
(10)if not ok
(11)replace ALL the components of this power amp channel.
(12)pre-amp section no need to check.


Onkyo TX-SR806... | Answered on Nov 24, 2017 | 163 views

Hello, the most used buttons can wear out over time. On/standby and volume are the ones that are used most often. I suggest purchasing a new remote. It is available at shoponkyo.com. Thank you, Onkyo USA

Onkyo TX-SR806... | Answered on Jul 11, 2017 | 169 views

Sounds like you may have a bad HDMI card my friend. I had an issue with my HDMI card that was causing blue dots to appear on the dark parts of the screen, when outputting 1080p over HDMI. This is a rather common issue, so it wouldn't surprise me if your HDMI board needs replacement - especially if you've ever experienced the infamous blue dot issue.

Onkyo TX-SR806... | Answered on Jan 13, 2013 | 2,397 views

If you have warranty left I would encouage you to use it because you clearly have a problem, the cable has been changed along with connections checked. The only other thing is check your setting carefully on both units to ensure nothing was missed, "owner manuals would be handy"

Onkyo TX-SR806... | Answered on Mar 29, 2012 | 250 views

Generally speaking, an amp attempts to protect itself from heat, shorts, overloads and operator exuberance by refusing to turn on or stay on.

Overloads can be from excessive periods of high output or marginally low impedance loading by the speakers; and shorts would be wiring issues or a speaker blowing up.

You should be able to feel if it's hot. WHY is it overheating? Make sure it has sufficient ventilation on all sides and that vent holes are not blocked by dust balls. Ensure the fan (if equipped) is running as designed (some only operate on demand). Clean dust and debris from it.

If the amp comes back on after cooling, you're lucky. They only have so many self-protection cycles in their lives so continuously resetting or cycling their power without addressing the cause can do more harm than good.

If it protects immediately on a cool power up you should disconnect the speaker connections and try it 'naked'. If it comes up then diagnose which lead(s) are shorted. If it does not come up the problem is internal and should be left to an experienced and competent hands-on tech.

Onkyo TX-SR806... | Answered on Jul 06, 2011 | 598 views

Unless you are good at soldering have the parts on hand and know exactly what you are looking at, it will be very difficult for you to fix it yourself.

Onkyo TX-SR806... | Answered on Mar 20, 2011 | 310 views


or any radio shack can send it to their service center.

Onkyo TX-SR806... | Answered on Mar 13, 2011 | 328 views

Yes, check in your manual as to the Video out upconverting/downconverting set it to Component for the specific input you need. if you still have an issue, post a comment and I pull the manual on this unit and dig further. Hope this helps

Onkyo TX-SR806... | Answered on Oct 06, 2010 | 275 views


You are correct this is something that you want to address ASAP because you do not want to damage your receiver and/or other devices.

So most likely the noise is being caused by on of your devices grounding through the receiver inducing an audio siginal that you can hear.

Since the noise goes away the receiver built in filter is hiding the sound so you do not hear it.

To make sure that there is not a problem with the unit unplug all connections from the receiver except your speaker. This includes all HDMI connection too. So the only thing you should have connected is your speakers and the AC connection.

Now power cycle the reciever if you still have the sound then the problem is with the receiver. If not start reconnecting your devices on at a time and power cycling the unit to see if you get the sound back. This will be the device that is the problem.

Note the problem may be with a cable that you are using to connect the device. I have ran in to several cases where the HDMI cable was bad and this causes the problem.

Let me know how things go


Onkyo TX-SR806... | Answered on Sep 11, 2010 | 253 views

Don't know if it applies to your model but on my 607 it says Zone 2 won't work if Bi-amp is being used!

Onkyo TX-SR806... | Answered on Jun 14, 2010 | 436 views

c heck condiutity with speaker itself. Good connection.

Onkyo TX-SR806... | Answered on Mar 05, 2010 | 145 views

What do you mean by standby mode? Do you hear the power relay switch clicking constantly, or does it just click once and turn off? In any case, it could be a faulty power relay. I just sent in my TX-SR806 for warranty repair recently, and it ended up being just that.

Onkyo TX-SR806... | Answered on Mar 04, 2010 | 529 views

You will have to keep it on for video to go trough. there is no way around.

Onkyo TX-SR806... | Answered on Feb 27, 2010 | 143 views

Wow, where to start. Just off the top of my head with 50 years experience working on electronics I would check all the final transistors for shorts. This is the weakest part of the unit and where I find all my problems. If the power supply was bad odds are you would not have standby. Check them out and let me know.


Onkyo TX-SR806... | Answered on Feb 10, 2010 | 262 views

Overview: I?m writing this report to provide insight into a common Okyo issue. When my Onkyo receiver began to malfunction my first response was to search the web for answers. What I fond was conflicting information. While all system issue may be unique, I hope this report shed some light on the subject. System Breakdown: Receiver: Onkyo TX-SR606 7.1 Channel Home Theater Receiver (Black) TV: Samsung - LN52A750 - 52" LCD TV - 1080p Broadcast: Comcast Component 1: XBOX 360 Elite Component 2: PS3 120GB Cables: Mediabridge Ultra Series - 10ft High Speed HDMI Cable - Version 1.3 Category 2 - 1080p - Blu-Ray - PS3 - W/ Nylon Sleeve Issue: When I first setup my Onkyo receiver it worked perfectly. Over time, my TV would display ?Searching for Signal?. After about a few minutes the receiver would detect the XBOX 360 and work fine. At first it was no big deal until the problem progressed. The receiver began to take longer and longer to detect the signal from the XBOX 360. Finally it would take up to 30 minutes or would not detect a signal at all. Finally I went through the process of changing out the HDMI cables and switching ports. This did not work, so I call Onkyo. They walked me through a reset process that did not work. Finally they recommended that I take it to an approved Onkyo repair shop. Lucky for me there is a repair shop in the suburbs of Chicago about an hours drive from my location. There are not many approved Onkyo repair shops. Most people would have to ship their receiver to another state. I took the receiver to the repair shop. They seem to have a nice little scam going on? Here is the scam.. They tell you there is a 3 to 4 week wait time (or longer) until they can even look at your receiver! BUT, if you want to put it on the ?Priority List? you can pay a $30 non refundable fee not covered by your warranty. Then you would only have to wait about a week. Tell me, who would not op for the priority list when your entire entertainment system is managed by the receiver?!?!? So I payed the $30. About 4 days later I get a call from the repairman. He says, all the HDMI ports work but they don?t have an XBOX 360 to hook it up to. So he can?t validate the problem. After arguing with him for an hour and listening to him cry about how crapy Onkyo receivers are and how hard the company is to work with, he agreed to do some research into the problem. I told him many times, simply look on the internet many people are having the same problem. Onkyo has to know something about this. Finally about a week later I get a call from the repair guy. He says he thinks he knows what the problem is. He has to order some capacitors and I could pay $45 for priority shipping. Umm wait one minute, I already paid $30 for priority service now you want me to pay more for shipping? No thank you! Over time I simply rewired my system to work without the receiver and to tell you the truth I almost forgot about the receiver. Finally I got a call from the repair shop about 2 months later saying I could come pick up my receiver. I talked to the repairman. He said the following? Solution: There are 4 capacitors that malfunction over time. It?s a common problem with Onkyo receivers. When the capacitors begin to malfunction you get intermittent signal response until it does not work. He could not explain why the cable still worked (everything was hooked up with HDMI cables). If you are experiencing this problem. I hope this helps save some time switching out cables and guessing why your system is not working. - Antious

Onkyo TX-SR806... | Answered on Jan 14, 2010 | 580 views

Hi Madhu, I am a bit confused with your questions. If this has not been resolved for you please give us a call at 800-229-1687 as our Product Support Team is ready to assist 24/7, Thanks, JT

Onkyo Audio... | Answered on Jan 12, 2020 | 270 views

Check the equilibrium of speaker

Onkyo Audio... | Answered on Jan 04, 2020 | 20 views

See page 15 of the Manual (power transformer T901):

For British model see page 3 of the Manual (AC plug is fitted with a 5 amp fuse):

Onkyo Audio... | Answered on Dec 16, 2019 | 24 views

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