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When Windows is updating you basically need to wait for it to finish before you power down or you will find yourself in that endless loop of updating. You may need to reboot into safe mode by pressing F8 as windows is staring up, then let it run updates and again reboot.

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You probably have a bad power supply. An easy way to tell is if you plug another device (any electrical device will do) into your same power source (a power strip for instance) and if you have power to that device, you need a power supply. A decent repair place will charge $70 or so

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Unless you do this for a living, you should let a pro do it.

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go to and see the technical specification test for to see if your equipment has the software +hardware availaable for to maintain the instalation for w. 7God bless you

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All-In-One desktop computer disassembly isn't usually posted.
Technology is still new enough, and required skills needed, dissuade the imparting of this information.

Plus eMachines is about worthless for support info anyway, lol!

A) Construction, and design of the machine dictate a laptop type of environment.
All the hardware components are crammed into one tiny box, with very little cooling inside, and the monitor is attached. (LCD screen)

Free Service Manual,

Just go to the top, and click on the page number you want, or go page by page;
Scroll to the bottom right below the first page, and click on the Green -
Download Manual (154 pages, 9.48Mb)

Going inside the all-in-one means you had better wear an ESD wrist strap, and have the alligator clip attached to a good ground source.
(Electro Static Discharge)

Your body carries Static electricity. Static WILL fry out (Short Circuit), the delicate hardware components inside a computer.
Wear an ESD wrist strap, or prepare to use your all-in-one for an expensive doorstop, if you don't.

Cost averages from $3 to $6. One example,

[ I connect to an unpainted surface, of the metal frame if an open, empty desktop computer case.
You can also set a large metal serving tray, (Unpainted), on the table you're working on, and connect to it.
Or a large metal knickknack. (Unpainted) ]

Use a multi-compartment container for the various screws you will remove.
Label each compartment for the area the screw/s come out of.

For additional questions please post in a Comment.


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One way is to mount it in another computer as a secondary drive and format it there (might be easier).

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have you tried plugging the screen into another PC? Is the power etc connected and not loose? Is there a power light on the front? If you can connect remotely try changing the resolution to something lower incase the screen cannot handle high res

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Start by checking what EMachines sat is the maximum RAM and RAM Clockspeed the motherboard can support (as it's an XP machine, I suspect it may be 2Gb max). Then make sure you buy 1 stck of the correct RAM (there seems to only be 1 RAM slot).

Disconnect from mains power.

LCD Monitors, TVs and All-in-One PCs have a dangerous internal working environment, containing several Capacitors that store a gigh charge capable of seriously injuring or even killing an inexperienced repairer.

If, for economic or educational purposes, you are determined to do the repair this yourself, you need a large sheet of paper on which to sketch a screw location diagram of the rear of the LCD Panel.

The first step is to remove the rear cover pf the LCD Panel, often the stand will also have to be removed as well. This is almost always not straightforward. (see review on:

Use the diagram to intelligently map the locations of the different types an sizes of srew you come accross while opening the rear cover.

Be very careful to remove every retaining screw before trying to lift the cover off (there are often several hidden srews and it is easy to miss one and snap off part of the cover or the frame it connects to). Do not use force - if the cover will not lift off easily, look for more retaining screws.

Once the cover is off, you are looking for laptop type RAM Memory Modules, with parrallel side clips that, when pulled outwards with the fingernails of both thumbs allow each Memoey Module to spring up at an angle, enabling to slide it out of its socket.

To replace the memory slide each new module in the correct orientation (there is a notch that only permits the corect orientation) until it is fully docked in the socket. Then press down until the two side clips catch and lock into place.

Now place the cover open face up on a desk or table and carefully place the LCD panel onto the cover, before connecting, powering up and testing the computer with its new RAM, before reassembling it.

Hope this helps.

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Go to the Crucial site. They make memory and their site will scan your PC, then tell you how much memory it will take.
From there, it will also give you an idea of how to open your PC to install the new or additional memory.

Good luck,

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Download the sound card drivers at the eMachine website for this model of computer. Then install.

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Your CDrom/DVD will have a very small hole at the front of the panel which will allow you to insert a paper clip into it. This is the emergency manual eject button. Make sure your PC is powered down or the disc may come flying out. Simply push a straightened paper clip in the hole.

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Do a complete re-install from the CD.

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For instructions on how to remove or change the Windows User's password, please click on this link :-
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Hi! Please try this. Remove the battery of the pc and unplug the pc from power source then press hold the power button for 10secs. this should drain excess power and will reset the system. Put the battery in again then turn on the pc and see how it goes. You should to this as a first course of action and please write back on the progress. Hope this helps and have a good one!

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Having setup several POs terminals they all seem to support the default printer attached to the PC I set up a couple with epson 40 line dot matrix printers and monarch thermal printers as well as secondry laser printers and full tracking dot matrix for reports all conected to the same terminal

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You may visit a computer tech to clean the cooling fan,it needs to be clean to avoid overheating or damaging your motherboard..

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Most likely. The power supply will fit, but Dell machines tend to be skimpy on the extra connectors as they are custom-built. The Video card is PCIe 3.0 standard. I could not get spcifics on your manboard, but I'm fairly certain that it is not up to the 3.0 level. PCIe is backward compatible, however. Just don't expect 3.0 level performance if you mainboard only supports the 1.1 standard. Basically you are racing the Ferrari in your driveway.

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the manual can be found here:

If you need further help, reach me via phone at

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add more ram is the best way of speeding up a computer
you might have to many programs running at the same time putting to much strain on the CPU
try uninstalling a few unnecessary programs

click start control panel administrive tools computer management disk management right click on your drive select properties click tools you should see click check now click start tick in both boxes this will schedule to on restart
do not have any input while chkdsk utility is in progress any might further damage your computer

scroll to the bottom toolbar bottom of screen right click you can select task manager applications also processes you will see whats running on your computer and ticking over if you see

something running that you dont need running select end now then you might uninstall that particular program you might have virus slowing your computer
you might need to update your graphics card drivers

If your computer came with a motherboard disc the drivers could be on it

Click start control panel administrative tools computer management device manager scroll to display adapters + to expand you might see a yellow question exclamation mark ? mark ! or a red x right click select reinstall drivers

if you dont have a disk with the drivers you have to download them

this should speed up your computer
hope this helps you

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