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removed plastic plug (with a small screw driver,so the plastic plug
does not get damaged) on the side of the face plate
carefully removed screw behind plug--be sure not to strip the screw head
carefully pull or wiggle loose plastic cover until it comes off
giving access to bulb.

Elna Quilter's... | Answered on Jun 06, 2012

you should consider having the machine checked incase there is a short in the machine

Elna Quilter's... | Answered on May 20, 2012

you might think about having the machine check to see if there is something wrong with the motherboard

Elna Quilter's... | Answered on May 19, 2012

try rethreading the machine top & bobbin
make sure the bobbin is inserted correctly into the bobbin case
change the needle--flat side to the back of the machine
clean under the needle plate & in the bobbin area for loose threads
& lint
make sure the bobbin is not damaged like warped or bent

Elna Quilter's... | Answered on May 03, 2012

skipping stitches can be the needle is damaged--flat side of needle goes to the back side of machine
normally when the needle is hitting the inside of the bobbin the timing is usually off, & can only be fixed by a sewing machine repair tech

Elna Quilter's... | Answered on Jan 31, 2012

You need to ensure that the thread is going from the thread spool at the back of the machine, through the eyelet, then around the silver tension disc on top of the machine, then to the bobbin when you are winding it. Also, pull the thread tail up through the hole in your bobbin to start and hold the tail so the thread starts to fill smoothly and doesn't loosen.

I've marked the disc in red on this image
Please read my Tip on bobbin winding; its really important to get a good wind and you can add more tension yourself by applying gentle pressure to your thread spool on the back pin as you wind off it.
Link is http://www.fixya.com/support/r10598580-winding_bobbin_correctly

The stopping when full is possibly because your bobbin is winding unevenly but I never run it until it stops itself anyway, and do the winding at 3/4 speed, not flat out. You want a really smoothly tensioned even wind onto the bobbin so your thread comes off the bobbin when stitching with even tension, not stretched, then loose.

Hope this helps you with your problem.

Elna Quilter's... | Answered on Jan 04, 2012

Take it BACK then !!
Ask for them to restore it ....sheesh

Elna Quilter's... | Answered on Nov 13, 2011

if you want to sew pin tucks, then yes, you could use that foot providing the hole is large enough for the two needles to pass through. Twin needles come in 4mm gap and 2.2mm gap so just check that it will fit. When using a twin needle, there is a lot of heat created so it is always important so sew slowly, going too fast will cause the needles to break.

Also, you should check on the twin needle type, modern machines now using a twin which is slightly offset, the block colour is usually a dark brown/red colour. Your machine may have come with a twin needle in the needle selection so take a good look at it and see if it is an offset one, then make sure you buy replacements of the same type.

THe pin tucking foot allows you to keep rows of pintucks lined up, it will have grooves in the base that you can run the previously stitched pintuck through to keep even distances. Best on lightweight fabrics like cottons, lawns, batiste etc. You'd probably go for the narrow 2.2mm twin needle to get a nice fine tuck. I like to press each seam after stitching too to give a sharp tuck.

Elna Quilter's... | Answered on Nov 02, 2011

I'm pretty sure these have a wick in the rotary hook under the black plastic bobbin holder where the bobbin sits. Everything else is nylon gears or designed to be lubed during your annual recommended service by an Elna technician.

You can oil the wick yourself (don't do what I did and pull it out with tweezers, dooh). Take out the bobbin holder black bit (your manual should cover this in cleaning) and see if there is a depression/hole in the middle of the metal rotary hook. If so, just put a drop of oil in there once every couple of months.

More important is to clean out the rotary hook well regularly and everywhere else in there, just use the little brush to collect the lint, then wipe it off on a piece of cotton fabric waste to clean the brush, then clean a bit more until no lint remains. Now put the bobbin holder/case back into position lining up the marker point against the stopper. Done.

Hope this makes sense to you and matches what your machine looks like. Happy Sewing, Tally Girl

Elna Quilter's... | Answered on Sep 21, 2011

Sounds like you've tried all the obvious things and that the thread is in tension fully, but the tension device is just not working. You should be able to buy replacement bobbin case (the black plastic part that the bobbin sits in) for your machine.
I replaced this part on my Janome 6500 for $35 after damaging it.

I'd suggest that you contact your local Elna dealer and get a price for the replacement part. Of course if your machine is still in warranty then they should be replacing it FOC.

Elna Quilter's... | Answered on May 09, 2011

Hi there,

Well you may please follow the link below to get your manual -


Good Luck!!

Thanks for using FixYa!!

Elna Quilter's... | Answered on May 03, 2011

Sounds like the bobbin case has shifted inside the rotary hook area. Have you got the manual? if so, does it give directions to remove the bobbin case as part of the cleaning instructions? If you have never taken it out, perhaps take pics with your digital camera to help you put it back in correctly. It is held in by a magnet underneath it. Remove the needle plate, pressure foot and needle, and the bobbin.

Have a good look at the bobbin case, it should have a stopper which sits against a little bump and might have two red marks to line up correctly. Are these lining up or has it shifted a little. If so, then lift out the bobbin case by holding the edge closest to you and lifting it upwards and towards you. Brush the underneath area out carefully to remove any lint or thread bits with your little brush bringing the lint out of the area and into a bin (dont push it around into the area under the rotary hook) and don't blow it out with air. Have a good look at the bobbin case too and check it for any damage, if you dislodge it while stitching the needle can strike it and as its plastic there may be little marks or bits of plastic now, if so, give them a gentle rub with fine grade sandpaper (away from the machine works) or a nail file to smooth off. I found that mine had a couple of holes and the thread was then catching on the rough edge of plastic and jamming constantly. I actually bought a new bobbin case after 3 goes to sort this out.

Now put the bobbin case back into place, lining up the red marks if it has them. Manually turn the flywheel towards you through a stitch sequence, the holder should sit still while the hook goes around it.

Reassemble the machine, rethread and test sew. I hope this helps, if you have tried all this already, then perhaps take it to your Elna dealer for further investigation/service.

Elna Quilter's... | Answered on May 01, 2011

here is a link to the service manual for the 6003 http://www.arizonaexpressionz.com/elna_service/6003_service_manual.pdf - these manuals are written for trained technicians but it might give your husband an idea of what is involved before he decides whether he would tackle the repair.

If you are in the USA then you might be able to source parts from www.sewusa.com, www.sewingpartsonline.com or a local Elna dealer.

I've always been happy to take my Elna to my OSMG (Old sewing machine guy) Ken as he's worked on Elnas for 25 years and I appreciate his knowlege and experience with them.

Elna Quilter's... | Answered on Apr 13, 2011

Yes, there should be tension discs which control the tension on the top thread. If it is jamming up and marking the thread as you describe then I'd suggest that the tension discs need cleaning.

Most thread, especially darker colours, will shed fibres and also dye particles, as the thread runs through the tension device, add a bit of dust in the environment and the discs can get pretty gunked up.

On my Janome, I just turn the dial to zero, then get a selvage edge of fabric scrap in between the discs and saw it back and forward to give it a good clean - the dirt on the fabric I get out is amazing. I would do this once a month on my main machine, and whenever I get out another machine I always clean and oil it fully before use.

However, in your model the tension device may not be so easy to access as the old dial styles. I would suggest that you take your machine to an Elna dealer/repair shop and pay for a service/clean.

Just as you have your car serviced, getting your machine serviced at least every 2 years is worth the money as they can give it a good clean and service internally as well as sort out any issues.

Elna Quilter's... | Answered on Apr 13, 2011

I haven't been able to find a 6003 manual or a good image of the stitch range for this machine on line. However, a basting stitch might look like " . _____ . _____. " on your stitch selector. As your machine is targeted for quilters I'd have expected it to have a basting stitch in its range.

If there is nothing like that, then just dial up the longest possible straight stitch, ie take length up to 4 or 5, whatever the maximum number is. Then loosen off the top and bottom tensions and stitch away.

If you are using this to baste a quilt top, botton and batting together, I've discovered a product called "spray basting" which is fantastic and "glues" the layers together while you sew them. You need a big clear floorspace though and put paper down under the project. But it works great.

Trust this is of help to you.

Elna Quilter's... | Answered on Apr 13, 2011

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