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I have not repaired this particular model. But I have repaired another polaroid flat screen TV. I can tell you for sure, the biggest problem here are bad capacitors in the signal board. You may find 15 or 20 bad caps. On the power supply there may be a two or three caps that need replaced as they will be weak but not real bad. Yes,the majority of the caps will be found in the signal board. You will need a good capacitor checker to locate these. It will require patience and skill to remove and replace these caps. I cannot say enough of bad capacitors in this TV. Find a TV tech to help you! Thanks for asking, show me a few hands of appreciation. This answer is your best effort for repair!

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Had same problem with Insignia TV--may be same size...#12 - 24 x 1/2" machine screws...found at Home Depot in bagged items (can't use longer because some of the holes don't go all the way thru)

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Is there is any light in the screen. If not, then Backlight inverter is faulty. All lcd tv have backlight to light the pixels. If you watch the screen very near then you will be able to see image on the screen. First of all check is there is any budged capacitors in the power supply. If there then replace it will solve the problem. If no then check the inverter board. Do on thing check the fuse in the inverter board. If the fuse is faulty then replace it. If the fuse blews again then the inverter board is short you have to replace invereter baord. It is not possible to repair the backlight inverter. You have to replace the board with a new one.Have added the picture of inverter board and budge capacitor for your reference. If you need any more assistance feel free to contact me by Fixya

ajin_g_82.jpg ok

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This is actually a bit of a tough one to answer. It really depends on just what the cause is of the flickering is. The flickering could be anything from just a poor signal or cable or connector to a board issue inside. I also don;t know what level of repairs you are comfortable doing etc.

Your real problem here is if it is inside the tv you probably have to send it off to a repair shop. Polaroid has had so many problems with these that they no longer support them. I have heard there was talk of a class action suit but couldn't provide any details on that as I just have no idea if it is true or not.

If you contact Polaroid you can see if they can provide you with contact information of a repair shop. Just go to http://store.polaroid.com/world_wide_contacts and click on support and then find your local contact numbers. Then they should be able to point you towards someone more local to you. You should be able to talk to them and they can talk to you and narrow down what the problem might be.

A word of caution here is to get a repair estimate first. This could be a minor thing or major but you can easily spend more money fixing this than you will just buying a new tv. Expensive repair parts, labour and shipping are all things to consider.

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The problem is the power supply of your television.The power supply have abnormal voltage supply output cause of leaked capacitor.The leak capacitor have bulging tops, so that you can identify the leak capacitor. Just remove the cover and find the power supply and replace new capacitor with same polarity.Hope it will help you.Thanks..

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Sounds like dead pixels, they're usually not fixable, but it might be worth checking the warranty, see if they are covered. :)

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Depending which model, this tv may have an inverter master and slave module set. I find best to replace as a pair. These modules feed the flourescent lamps that backlight you lcd screen. more than likely the one failing is on the same side as the spot you are seeing. I always first look at the power supply panel, to be certain that capacitors on this board have not failed or leaked out.
Parts look here http://www.shopjimmy.com/tvs

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Sorry this tv can't be fix acept replaced the whloe picture screen panel itself,the tvs screen panels are in of the limited production by the tvs industries,only can buy picture screen panel from the tvs themselves and it 90% important to the tv,will cost u the same as a new tv to get picture screen replaced.Sorry doesn't worth as a whole tv anymorre the tv now only worth as salvages tv for it electronic boards for spare parts for other tv,that it.

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It sounds like the Main board (sound, video signals are from this board) is bad but the power supply and backlights are working.
Service manual: http://www.polaroidsupport.com

Basic LCD monitor and TV troubleshooting guide:
Failed TV and Monitors pictures: http://s807.photobucket.com/albums/yy352/budm
Learn about bad caps: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capacitor_plague
Parts: www.shopjimmy.com
Parts: www.interliquidparts.com
Capacitors kit: http://lcdalternatives.auctivacommerce.com/Default.aspx he can make you a set of caps.
Or www.digikey.com, just make sure to use caps with low ESR, 105c, high ripple current and long life rating such as PANASONIC FM or FC series.

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1.polaroid . sound

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Hello and good day Sir/Mam!!!

I am suggesting you to the steps below because
The problem of your TV could be in the inverter board or the cold cathode light is busted.

NOTE: Please check first before doing or replacing anything.
Remember that you are paying me to solve your problem so please do not pay me if you think that I did not fix your problem because my primary intention is to help you fix your problem.
Please Follow this instruction to fix your problem:

  1. Remove the back cover of your TV.
  2. Look for the Inverter board.
Inverter board looks like this:

3. Check the input voltage of the inverter board if have 24vdc.Using multimeter (range on DC)
4. If you have 24vdc,check the output voltage of the inverter board it should have 500vdc.
5. If you don't have 500vdc output on the inverter,replace it.
6. If the you have the output voltage on it,the problem could be the busted cold cathode light (C.C.T).Please Replace it.

I hope this solution will be helpful.Thank you and please don't forget to rate my answer if it helps you.

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Polaroid's power supplies have been notorious in early models...suspect this is where your problem is. If you are out of warranty, the supply is usually located dead center in the back of the TV. Easy to get out, easy to put in...not sure of the money. Mine was a hundred bucks, but I bought it from a third party. Good luck.

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Good day!Follow this D.I.Y procedures to find the exact problem of your TV.
  1. Remove the back cover of your TV.
  2. After that,find the power supply board.
  3. If you already found the power supply,plug-in your TV and power it ON.Check the input voltage of it,using multimeter (AC range).If the power supply have no input voltage the problem could be the power cord.Replace it.
  4. If the power supply have the input voltage,try to test the output voltage if have 5vdc for the system and logic supply,12vdc for the sounds and 24vdc for the back-light inverter.Use your multimeter tester (DC range) to test that.
  5. If the power supply have a voltage outputs such as 5vdc,12vdc and 24vdc and the problem is still there.The problem could be the main board.Replace it with the same type and model # because the main board is no very difficult to fix and its very sensitive.
  6. If the power supply have no output voltage or the voltage is too low,just ignore the step # 5 because the problem is not on the main board,its on the power supply board.
Check the following to fix the power supply board:
  • Fuse: Check the fuse if it is busted or blown.
  • Power transistor (regulator): Check the regulator if it is shorted or leak.
  • Resistor: Check the resistors specially the one that have a low resistance that near the power regulator.
  • Capacitor: Also check the capacitors if it is leak or bulging top.
NOTE: If you found any defective parts or components that mention above replace it with the same value,type and ratings.

I hope this solution will be helpful.Thank you and good luck.

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The impact must have broken the fluorescent lamp which is the LCD panels back lighting .
Go to the back of the TV and with the room lights off look through the holes in the back of the TV. If the CFL lamp works you will see some white light bleeding at some spot near the bottom. But if it does not light up it might need replacement. You will need professional help and please take a quote inc: services charges because it is going to cost you. Good luck

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It is the power board. You will need to have a quailified service person replace it.

Polaroid... | Answered on Mar 21, 2011

Do other devices work in these outlets?

If so, then you've blown your power supply. Power supplies are relatively cheap and contacting your local TV repair shop will get you an estimate for repair.

If no other devices work in the outlets you're trying, you probably tripped a breaker.

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LCD TVs have millions of "pixels" that change color to make up a complete picture. Sometimes in the manufacturing process, pixels can become damaged (called "dead pixels"). There is no way for the consumer to fix these. Most manufacturers have a certain number of pixels that are "allowed" to be broken before they will fix it.
You should contact either the vendor you purchased the TV from, or Polaroid support.
You can contact Polaroid Support at 1-800-POLAROID (1-800-765-2764).

Polaroid... | Answered on Mar 06, 2011

Youtube has video on how to fix, just search

Polaroid... | Answered on Feb 16, 2011

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