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Try Googling (homelite)(UT20612R)(manual) without parens.

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Remove starter cover and check ratchet jaws, they may be hung or plastic ratchet may be worn.

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Smack the the f%%k out of the reel try to get some w/d oil on it then get a new coil reel when smacking watch for string whip

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I am pretty sure that John Deere still owns Homelite. When I had a Homelite chainsaw I went to a John Deere implement dealer and they ordered it for me.

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50 to 1, 20 ml per liter or 2.6 fluid oz per US gallon

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Sounds like the carburetor needs a cleaning and rebuild. Make sure that you replace the diaphrams also while there.

I hope this is helpful for you.

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Could very well be the magnito (coil). You may also want to check the kill switch. If the switch failed in the off position... = no spark. Plug failure could also be the cause, although not likley. Good luck!

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First dump the old fuel out. It starts to go bad after a month. Use only good fairly new fuel, not old stuff.

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sounds like a carb problem You will have to take the carb off and strip it down to parts clean out all the ports with a good cleaner I use brake clean reassemble and reset the High speed and low speed jets at 1.5 turns out then adjust from there

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Sounds like you are getting too much fuel to the engine. The possible reasons are located inside of the carburetor.
1. the fuel needle valve is stuck open 2. the metering diaphragm is touching the fulcrum arm (attached to the needle) too soon {may need adjustment} 3. the check valves in the carburetor are stuck open and need to be cleaned.
I recommend contacting a dealer like and having them price a whole carburetor. Sometimes they are cheaper than the rebuild parts. Good luck

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First check to see that the (on-off) switch is working properly, if switch checks out, you need to replace coil.

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please check your manual,some are 25:1,40:1 but get the mixture right as you can damage the machine.

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Abell, put a little drop of petrol in the plug hole, replace plug and give it a pull. If it fires up for a moment, it is a fuel starvation problem. Check the carb, clean and make sure the nedel valve in the bottom of the carb is not sticking. Good luck!

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Two stroke gas equipment needs a good long warm up. The heat is part of the deal. Set the choke on full chioke. Prime the bulb till you see the bulb is full. Turn the kill switch if you have one to "on" and fire it up. let it run at idle as long as it will or for a minute on this choke setting. If it dies restart and let warm up. When it is running ok but a little bit boggy then move the choke to open or half and give it some gas. If it responds then go to full open and crank it up a few revs. If it bogs or dies your unit will need service. The diaphragms in the carb are replaces as a kit and run about $6- 10. They are also easy to do if you can read and hold a screw driver. These go bad from fuel hardening every 14 months or so along with the primer bulb and hoses. Get all of this online from parts stores. Whole repair makes it like new forabout $15.00 or let someone do it for you for about $ 50.00.

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Clean your carb and give it fresh fuel. Thats if you are getting spark. Can you give me a note so I can give it to my teacher so I can get back into school.

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The line on my new 26cc Homelite would also feed out by itself. That started me thinking the line was wound backwards. I wrapped the line in the opposite direction as was shown on the bump feed reel and now the dang thing works although the bump feed needs to be "bumped" pretty hard to work. Is it possible that the reel was manufactured with the (string direction) arrows pointing the wrong direction? The new 26cc unit is also underpowered compared to my older 25cc trimmer.

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Had the same problem: when I turn on the trimmer, the motor would hum but the blades won't move.
What I did:
1. Sprayed a ton of wd40 between the blades
2. Took a screwdriver and kinda wedged it between the blades to get them unstuck. Also removed some guck between the blades.
And it worked!

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Remove the housing with the coil in it. Remove the screw on it, its the screw with about 3/8 washer on it. It is where the old rope was hooked up, and should still have a piece of it under the washer. It has a D shaped groove under it. take the new rope and burn the frays on it make it stiff and small. Turn the pulley around and around until it gets real tight, and align the hole in the pulley with the hole in the shroud. Take a c clamp or visegrips and clamp it in place if you can. I just hold it, then feed the rope through the hole in the shroud and pulley and rap it round D shape groove. Replace the screw and washer. Tighten it up then let go of pulley. It should zip up real quick and all way to the handle, and be real tight.

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