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I think this means your pump is not working, and therefore the tank is full. The pump could just be switched off, could have failed, or could be clogged. See the other messages regarding this model, for an excellent description of how to clean out a clogged pump.

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If it is showing E1, E2 or E3, contact the service center. The manual can be gotten at:

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Again!!!! Unplug machine X 15 minutes. Then fill with water. Then plug back in! If still lit, you have a water scale (mineral build up) issue that needs cleaning according to owners manual

If you need further help, reach me via phone at

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these humidifiers are total junk. The sensors are cheap and get stuck or broken so easily. for your problem tho, you can either find the sensor by taking off the cover and use your hands to break free any stuff causing it to get stuck or you can drill a hole in the water tank and insert some fish tank tubing and let the water drain out as it collects.

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I agree with Mike Kolbay's earlier very complete answer. The water intake to the pump is quite narrow, and clogs easily with accumulated lint and bacterial muck. While the covers are off the machine, thoroughly clean the drip tray and all the water passages. A piece of crud the size of your smallest fingernail can cause water to overflow onto the floor, rather than going into the tank.

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There are 4 basic, yet solvable reasons for what you have described.

1. Air intake filter is dirty or clogged. Turn unit OFF, & Unplug the
Unit, before removing to inspect & clean it, if necessary. If washed,
allow filter to completely dry before reinstalling. DO NOT operate
the unit without the filter.

2. Obstructed air flow. Maintain a minimum of 12 to 18" of clear air
space around the entire unit.

3. Cooling coils are dirty and need to be cleaned. Use warm water & dish washing liquid to
clean the coils. Rinse and wipe dry. Apply a light coating of WD40 to the coils.

4. Ambient air temperature at floor level is between 40 - 60 degrees.
dehumidifiers do not work well between those temperatures
(Unless, you have a Low Temp Unit). This applies mainly to
where the air temperature at floor level is colder than at shoulder
in basement applications. Raising the unit up off the floor,
onto a sturdy table, counter top, etc, that can handle the weight
of the unit, plus a full tank of water, will usually resolve this

I hope this helps you troubleshoot & solve the problem. Thanks for choosing FixYa.

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There are many reasons why a dehumidifier willnot work or collect water.
Here is a tip that I wrote to help people to figure out what is going wrongwith their dehumidifier

Dehumidifier is running but no water is in bucket




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Several things can cause your problem:

Dirty or clogged air intake filter. Remove and clean the filter according to the Owner's Manual instructions.

Dirty coolant coils. Clean and dry the coolant coils.

The humidity extraction level is set to high. Lower the level to 35%

Not enough free air space around the unit. Maintain at least 12" of air space around the entire unit.

The ambient air temperature at floor level is to cold (between 40 - 60 degrees F). Raise the unit up off the floor onto something sturdy enough to handle the weight (including a full tank of water) and the vibration during operation. This happens frequently in basement applications.

Depending on the age of the unit, the refrigeration coolant may need to be recharged.

The humidity sensor has failed and needs to be replaced.

All of the above are where you start troubleshooting and hopefully solving the problem.

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To locate a a Delonghi Service Center near you, go to the following link and enter the requested information.

Hope this helped you.

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The need for replacing it should be based on several things:

1. How did you determine it was the Humidity Sensor? Several other things, that are easily
solvable without having to replace parts, can mimic a faulty sensor.

2. How old is the unit? If it's 5 years old or older, it would probably be better to replace the unit,
rather than repair it.

3. Have you maintained the unit as instructed in the Owner's Manual? Regular cleaning and proper
storage when not in use, etc.

If, after answering all the above questions, you decide you want to make a DIY repair and want to order the part(s), Appliance Factory Warehouse is about the best supplier of parts out there. You can search for what you need at

I hope this helps you to make the right decision. If I can be of further help, please contact me.

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Replacing the switch/lever is more trouble and costly than it's worth. That's if you can find the part. I suggest, that you try reinstalling the bucket very carefully, making sure it making contact with the lever in the proper position. Lots of times, the bucket is simply not being inserted properly and it misses the switch. If that doesn't work and you want to repair it yourself. Contact Delonghi Parts Dept 800-865-6330.

Hope this helped you.

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Condensation sensor was tripped...needs to be dried/cleaned/repaired (on lint screen side remove plastic panel. The sensor is clipped to radiator fins.

Be Safe or don't do it....

On the side with the lint screen, remove the five screws holding the top panel in place. The sensor that needs to be checked in mounted on the radiator fins. Remove the sensor and 4 pin connector. With a pin, remove the loose fitting housing the "sensor"...a circuit board that "shorts" with condensation...check corrosion and look for component damage on the oft chance the circuit board was damaged by some inappropriate poking or mechanical failure. Reassemble and replace sensor...

For a short life span...or out of warranty and only at your risk (IF have significant other or kids or pets or human DNA... don't do this...) .. guide wire through screen notch and attach to outer screen. Build fortress around exposed sensor and talk to insurance agent for a special rider...seriously be careful.

Did you? Clean screen and GENTLY clean fins of lint, etc....(vacuum's brush head should do the trick...)

Taking all appropriate safety precautions.


Here's the 100,000 (yen) tip....with humidifier unplugged, hold down the power button (green button in lower center) and plug in the appliance.

Watch the LCD screen as it conducts a self test...and wha...lah!.

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Google DeLonghi Dehumidifier which will bring up the company's website. All owners manuals for all models can be found there.

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Run a straightened coat hanger through hose or try to blow through. Or connect to faucet to clean out clog.
Make sure drip pan is clean & level. Basically vacuum any dust from inside drain area.

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check the condensor coil for dust if it has dust clean it out let me know if this helps

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If the room temperature is close to 60, the coils may be frozen (completely encased in ice). If this is the case, move it where the water can drain off - about 1 gallon which may NOT run into the drain bucket.
I out mine over the floor drain.
Turn off and it will defrost over night.
Only specially made dehumidifiers work below a room temp of 60 degrees (the temp of a basement in winter).
Does it need to be running? A digital humidity sensor from Radio Shack is cheap and may tell you the humidity is OK - only 50% or less.

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unplug and take unit apart,blow out dust then carefully spray some cleaner-degreaser on and wash both condenser and evaporator coils,then let dry throughly, try not to soak the electrics too much a little will dry, let dry throughly then start it and leave it run a few minutes carefully touch top of compressor head,if quite warm and one line isn't hot and the other line isn't cold entering and exiting the compressor and evap coil starts to ice again you may be low on freon(refrigerant)

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Yes, for drainage of the condensat, or at least a tttank that will need to be manually emptied when needed

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i don't know if this will help i have a delonghi portable ac and the e3 means not enough voltage to run properly. but it was doing the same thing as yours. i plugged it in where i knew there was good enough voltage and it works fine now

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