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Check all the cables , could be a damage wire somewhere

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It should just be 2 AA batteries. Remove the battery door on the back of the computer to expose the batteries. Remove and replace. Computer Graphite Airdyne Big Fan Schwinn 92823 SPORTSMITH net

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Its probably because of the enter switch is not activating. Its contacts gone bad. There will be push switch behind the enter pad that you see from the top. you have to replace this by opening the Console, Display. if you are able to do the same please let me know .
Or just remove the Console, Display and take it to the nearest electronic rearing shop. They can do it very easily. and it will not cost a lot too.


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I have a iron man cdt elliptical that was clunking . I found a shaft on the end of the crank was slipping in and out, inside the bearings. I shimmed it and retightened the retaining washer which prevented it from slipping . Smooth as silk now. It was very frustrating because all seemed tight at first.

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Hello Brend

Please download the assembly manual for Schwinn® 430 Elliptical from the link provided below :

Please download the owners manual for Schwinn® 430 Elliptical from the link provided below :

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Do you think the power cord is going bad? If so here is the parts list for the Schwinn 430 if you need to order a new AC adaptor. If you think the connection inside the machine is going bad you may want to find a servicer to look at it.

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I just fixed the problem on my 430. Somewhere on this forum someone suggested that the dollar size cover on each side of the flywheel cover be removed and the bolt tightened. You will need a socket wrench. It took less than 5 minuted and whamo. Problem solved. Thanks to the individual with that input. Good luck

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E2 Error Code - As researched here, I found a problem with the electrical wiring to the motor, dc module (P/N 000-8453}. I checked the plug connection for bent pins and bad continuity in the circuit. Okay. What I found was bad connections at what I will call the stepper motor that is located on the module. This motor adjusts the location of the Magnet Pack Assembly in relation to the Flywheel to change workout resistance. The terminals where the wires are soldered to the motor are of a riveted type of connection. By removing the resistence adjusting cable lock nut, threaded end and the cable, I was able to cycle the pulley back into operating range by plugging in and unplugging the power cable multiple times. Each time that I would plug the power in, the pulley would rotate a couple of degrees in the clockwise direction. Then, reattaching the cable assembly, and applying pressure to the stepper motor terminals, the unit would time and orient itself properly when powered up with No Error. To remedy the problem, I applied a little solder using a soldering iron to the riveted type connections making them a Better, soldered connection. I hope this helps.

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I took a magnet from a magnetix toy and secured it to the correct side of the flywheel. It's working now...I just finshed doing it. Hopefully it'll continue working. Thanks for pointing out the magnet was on the wrong side.

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Call Schwinn customer service (actually Nautilus) at 1-800-nautilus if it is broken so you can order a new one or they will send you a new one if you are under warranty. They are very helpful. You can also check the power connection on the bottom or make sure the wire harness in the main pipe in the center is properly connected if the system is brand new and not working.

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hi there, did you get your problem solved? I am having the same problem and are searching everywhere without a satisfactory answer. hope you can help out!

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It should be at the bottom of the machine in the front facing away from you if you are on it.

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I think I am experiencing the same problem and have removed the shrouds. Are you experiencing a clicking sound while the unit is plugged in? All of this seems to deal with the servo motor. Don't be fooled by suggestions to replace the rpm sensor...this is NOT the problem. I am trying to find out what the initial setting for the servo motor and the tension cable should be. I found a site where you can order the servo motor, but it tells me that it could be months to receive this part. Sigh...

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Any results to this problem yet, bryanblum? My elliptical just did the exact same thing...

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You are going to hear a sound from the rotating wheel spinning and moving the air... nothing you can do to stop is a good sound!!! It means it is working!!


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Clean the servo motor's potentiometer with 'tuner cleaner'. Remove the shroud on the 'passenger side' (it's a bit tricky, but not difficult). The potentiometer is a part of the black plastic servo motor assembly that adjusts the band of magnets (the magnets that create drag on the flywheel). The potentiometer measures the angle of the small pulley that tugs on the cable that moves the magnets. As often happens, potentiometers get dirty. In my case, the machine behaved intermittently, sometimes displaying the E2 error code. Cleaning the potentiometer solved the problem. Time will tell whether it's a permanent fix, but it certainly makes sense. If a potentiometer gives the 'brain' a bad signal, the brain won't know what to do. If you're not familiar with a potentiometer, it's a dial, like the volume control dial on your stereo. As you rotate the dial, it raises or lowers the electrical resistance, which the electronic circuitry can detect. In a stereo, it can control the volume. In the Elliptical, it tells the brain the location of the resistance magnets (how close to the flywheel, and thus how much resistance). It's a tight squeeze getting the can of tuner cleaner spray in there. Hope this helps.

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Error 1 on a schwinn is a generic electrical error. Check your ac adapter and make sure you're getting the proper voltage off of it. Typically an error 1 warrants a replacement of either the ac adapter, the wire harness (wires that connect the power to the console) or the console itself. If the console has batteries, change those first, then check your adapter. If the problem persists, you're looking at a more in depth problem that will require taking the casing off the machine and individually testing each component of the machine. It's usually worth at that point to pay a tech to look at the machine for you.

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