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my freezer is over freezing and my fridge is not cold. I have a whirlpool where the freezer is on top and the fridge is on the bottom. I need guidence in trying to figure out the problem.

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Your refrigerator could not be rescued from drowning. Two feet of water did it in.

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get to a refrigeration and airconditioning parts supplies near you. they'll order the gasket for you. thanks.

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Hello Mr. Groeger,

I was not able to match the model number for your refrigerator, but given the age of the unit, the number may have been discontinued or changed. I am going to assume that the unit has a defrosting system.

If you have it, refer to your owner's manual. There should also be a schematic of the unit attached on the back or near the bottom.

At 28 years old, there could be multiple issues, but if you are handy and familiar with a volt-ohm-meter, you can check some items yourself.

1. Make sure the compressor is indeed running. Before you unplug the unit, check the evaporator fan inside the freezer compartment to be sure it runs. If the compressor or fan isn't running, it's possible that a component in the defrost system is preventing the compressor from running.

-----Turn off the power and unplug the unit to check these items-----------

2. Check the defrost thermostat - it is located in the freezer compartment but will require that remove the back or side panel in the freezer to expose the evaporator coil.

3. Check the defrost timer - they are usually located near the compressor but you may have to hunt a little

4. Check the defrost heating element - it is also located in the freezer compartment and requires that the panel covering the evaporator (coil) be removed. Once you expose the evaporator, it's possible that the coil will be completely iced up which is a symptom of a defrost system problem.

5. Look for any burnt wiring in the freezer compartment. When a defrost thermostat fails they will sometimes burn out.

6. If all these items are ok, you may have to check the compressor circuit or look for a refrigerant leak (if the compressor won't run).

Here is a link to some standard parts for a typical refrigerator. If you find a bad part, you could contact this company or any other you wish. I do not work for this company.

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if its both sides and the top... possible causes; door not sealing all the way around, icemaker stalling and heating raising temp in freezer, or the airflow is blocked.... if it is frosting only on the back wall its a defrost issue..... more info is needed to narrow this down for you

Kenmore 64802... | Answered on Oct 10, 2014 | 67 views

Based on personal experience, I can say that you need to remove all the cardboard and plastic wrap covering the front, back and various parts inside the refrigerator. Care must be taken to ensure that insulation, which helps the operation of the unit, intended to be part of the design is not removed. If you have a question about some specific insulation (generally styrofoam) then it might be best to call the help line for the manufacturer - they can check with technical experts on that model to determine whether it is needed or not. The primary reason for removing cardboard and wrap is to be sure that all of the necessary ventilation for the unit to operate without overheating is clear.

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You would need to look on the label inside the refrigerator door that indicates the power consumption for your model. You would then need to compare this with the new model to determine the potential savings in kWh/year. Once you know the potential yearly savings, you would need to multiply this number by your electricity cost (it should be available from your monthly bill, or you can call the utility). Then you can determine how long it will take to recover the expense of purchasing the new refrigerator (minus the rebate).

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My fridge did the same. What I tried, first check the airflow vents to see nothing blocking them. Then I put in a thermometer, as I had increased the temperature dial a month previous. Cold air drops, so the temp was 36-38 F as checked in the morning. I turned down the freezer a tiny bit and upped the refrigerator dial a tiny bit. This corrected the problem for me.

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under the door ,on the hinge side, is a bolt to adjust the floor level.using a level, make sure the unit sits square, before raising with blocks all round.

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freezer works great bit frig will not get cold

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between the door and freezer is very hot, and the refrigerator is not that cold and the freezing is freezing but not that well, ice cream is soft but meat freeze and ice is not melting. Also behind the fridge at the bottom is very hot.

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Take out the back panel inside your freezer and locate the drip line in there, it should be some where under the coils, check if its blocked up with ice, if it is you need to unclog it. there should also be a wire that runs into that drip line (it helps defrost that line) you might need to replace that wire.

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Its defrost issue.The defrost thermostat,timer and defrost assembly. Any of the one can be faulty causing these.

Replacement parts can be purchased at any of the following web sites:


Before going to buy any parts directly.
Go through this troubleshooting help links.


This is list of refrigerator problems, which is normally faced in refrigerator.
You can go through the details, by clicking the link below:---

Refrigerator is not cooling properly?
Both refrigerator and freezer not cooling properly in refrigerator?
The ice maker not working: ---

Compressor not running on refrigerator?
Water dispenser not working on refrigerator?


Ice maker stopped making ice?


Water Overflows in Ice maker and freezes inside?


How to replace Ice maker assembly?

These will help.


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What is the model number of your unit?

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What is the model number?

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The drain in the freezer behind back lower panel
needs opening. You can see it at the bottom of the back panel
underneath the evaporator coils. (The cold coils)
Run Hot water in the drain until it clears or use a hairdryer.
When the defrost melts the water it goes down the drain
If the drain is clogged with Ice or ? The defrost water
overflows into the ref. or freezer or on floor
Run Hot water in the drain until it clears or use a hairdryer.
Also check fan undernearh Ref in the rear
Clean condenser coils underneath
.I'm including my article on Refrigerator Repair for your help and convenience.;
Please click or copy and paste into browser for Article
If you need more help GO HERE:

Thanks for using fixya
Leo Ponder

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hi welcome to fix-ya, You see 2-3 screws on back panel ? Or is there 2 screws in floor panel ? You dont have a full model number. Like 106 is whrilpool. The 3 numbers in front is what i need.

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That sound as if the defrost drain is blocked. This tip i wrote will help ya get to and check/clean the drain


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The water is from the melted frost of the defrost cycle. The drain at the bottom of the back wall of the freezer is blocked so instead of the water draining into the pan where it will evaperate,it's pooling on the freezer floor and freezing, in many case when the floor indent is full the water will leak onto the floor.By pulling the refrigerator out from the wall,there will be a tube behind the service panel on the right side when looking at it from the rear,that tube can be removed and cleared,then clear the nozzle it connects to inside the freezer.

I hope this helps you to stop the leak,


Kenmore 64802... | Answered on May 10, 2012 | 614 views

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