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replace the fluid master

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you must pull the toilet up and try to retreave what ever is cought in the trap.

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Hi, you can get the whirlpool jacuzzi related parts from Jacuzzi on 1-800-288-4002.

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Serval reasons: (1) noise from handle chain being metal-consider switching to lighter plastic type. (2) The rubber flap which lifts up when handle is pushed down and seals "when handle is let go" to allow water to fill in take maybe worn to the point of needing replacement-Go to any Lowe's/HomeDepot and they will walk you through replacement process of just removing old one and putting ends in place over hooks to install new one. Takes me 1 minute to do. (3) Adjust the water cut-off valve that supplies water to tank so it can feel up rapidly by just turning the value. If value is hard to turn try using some oil or WD-40 on it. Remember that one way opens to allow quicker fill up and better flush and other way just turns water to toilet off. If now of these things work then just give me a yell and I can advise further.

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You can connect to the main stack coming from the main floor. You must however install a vent to connect about 42" up inside the wall.

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Check the fill level, if not enough in the tank, you can have what you describe.

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79 1/2 inches...Hope this helps.

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I hope you get this... it's posted in the bath section!

An easy answer... Download the drivers here:

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you must tie into the main stack or make a new one and run it through the roof.

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YES!!!! all a window does is change the vapor into liquid. What is needed is to get the moisture OUT OF THE building. I prefer Neutone 200 CFM unit, for get specs, they are all way too low. You are combating health issues if you allow moisture to remain....mold...

Also, the exhaust ducting needs to run downhill as it exits the building, or you risk moisture dripping from the fan...

Futher, put a 60 minute timer on the fan, and run 45 minutes (at least) for every shower....

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No that is kinda normal for some toilets and I would not worry about it...


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You can get the progremme fron google search Engine

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probably hair stuck in the drain. did you remove the stopper "pop up" if no hair or blockage there or in the trap, then its further down, you will need a small snake. 1/4 inch cable works well in bath and kitchen drains.
you can purchase one at home depot.

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you can get universal replacement parts from your local hardware or plumbing supply store. For some models you may have to remove the tank from the bowl. Most you can unscrew from inside the tank without removing. Good luck.

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If it is truly a porcelin top then you can use a product called plumbers putty available at your local hardware store. It will conform to the shape of the drain and provide a good seal. If this is a cast marble or resin type of product then plumbers putty will void any warranty and possibly discolor the sink. Ensure it is indeed porcelin before continuing and follow the manufacturers directions for installation. Good luck with your project.

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use a computer or calculator

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The bowl is filled up with the little hose inside the tank, it locks inside of the overflow drain. And runs water in there as it flushes to swirl the water and fill the bowl. Water seeks it's own level, and the level in the bowl is at the top of the trap. It has to hold water, unless it isn't filling or it is leaking. Check out the filler and hope the bowl doesn't have a crack in it. Hope this helps.

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There's a lot of variety in the works in the toilet tank. Assuming this is not a pressure-assisted toilet-----First understand the three valves are: 1. The shutoff valve - on the supply line coming into the toilet tank. 2. The fill valve - inside the tank, opens with the float descends, closes when the tank fills up. 3. The flush valve - inside the tank on the bottom. Common old style is a flapper on a pivot. Yours may operate straight up and down rather than on a pivot.
Three very common problems are---- 1. The chain that connects the handle to lift the flush valve is getting caught, not allowing the flush valve to close. 2. There is problem with the flush valve being able to get a good seal when it closes - could be debris or misalignment. 3. The fill valve is not closing when the tank is full, could need adjustment or there is debris preventing the valve to seat. . Here's are some steps to diagnose---- close the shutoff valve. Wait a few minutes as you watch the level in the tank. If the water level decreases, you have problem with the flush valve. To confirm the fill valve as the problem, turn the shutoff valve back on. Lift up on the float that is supposed to turn off the fill valve. If it shuts off, you should be able to adjust it - most have a +/- plastic adjustment screw. But if raising the float by hand only slows it down, you have problem with the seating of the fill valve - which can sometimes be cleaned, but more often would need to be replaced.
I hope this is helpful. Thanks for using FixYa.

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