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Owners manuals for Jayco products can be found here:
If you select year "0" it will display all years and models.

ref. circa 1997 Jayco Jay Series 1406 pop-up camper

I didn't see any information for models older than 2003 on their website however they do have a link to request information for older/other models:

RVs | Answered on Jun 05, 2019

Palomino might be able to supply the manual if you inquire.

RVs | Answered on Jun 04, 2019

If you're talking about the HVAC in the dash, it can be diagnosed with a step-by-step tracing of the wires. I'd also jumper the blower motor with an ammeter in the circuit to see if it's drawing too many amps. Check with George Boy to identify the HVAC supplier. Evans Tempcon provides many RV manufacturers, but they aren't the only one.

RVs | Answered on Jun 04, 2019

The horn fuse will be in the fuse panel for the driver functions. Often there are two fuse panels, one under the hood with fuses and relays and a second one inside under the dashboard.

RVs | Answered on Jun 03, 2019

Why not turn on something on that battery circuit and then try the switch in either position? The battery systems (chassis and house) are generally left ON when using the RV or connected to shore power. If in storage without shore power, then the disconnect switches will reduce battery drain.

RVs | Answered on Jun 03, 2019

In order to give an answer, I'd need to know what engine make and model. Is it, a GM or Ford engine, or something else? The firing order should be easy to find using Google once you know the above information.

RVs | Answered on Jun 03, 2019

Tioga RVs are made by Fleetwood. If you check with them, they should be able to tell you who manufactured their slide mechanisms. Most slide manufacturers have online resources that can help with your issue. You could also hook up a car battery to give power to your electrical system to power the slide -- If it's in operating condition.

RVs | Answered on Jun 03, 2019

can try manufacturer --rv shop --online search hasnt reveled any information in video

RVs | Answered on May 29, 2019

The power cord for the awning is 12 gauge.
If you are needing other information regarding a sunscreen side, you need to be more specific with your question.

RVs | Answered on May 29, 2019

Your boat does have a Main Shore Power Disconnect Circuit Breaker. You will need to remove an access panel on the inside of the boat in the general vicinity to where the power cable connects to the boat. Not knowing the specifics of your boat, chances are it will be around a cabinet or fixed seat. If you know where the fuse panel is on the inside, you could remove a panel next to it to follow the 120VAC cables (which will be a much larger gauge and only Black & White where the 12VDC wires may have multiple colors and whites). Be prepared, this area is typically inconvenient and not the easiest to get into for some of us. Depending on your application, the switch may be a red handle that will rotate.

Once you find it and switch it, you should have power. If not, use a multimeter to check for power on both sides of the switch.

RVs | Answered on May 29, 2019

While it is possible the pump has developed a fault it is also possible the pump is not working because something else has gone wrong and a circuit fault or a safety problem is preventing the pump from starting.

Safety is paramount in the design and operation of this type of heater and there is a sequence of things happening inside that must happen or the sequence stops. I am guessing there has to be something happening to ignite the fuel before the pump is allowed to start.

I strongly suggest you take the problem to a specialist...

RVs | Answered on May 28, 2019

Is the drain closed. If it and the water still runs replace the valve

RVs | Answered on May 24, 2019

The big question is HOW you get and feed '7 Mbps' (minimum) INTERNET speed NEEDED to watch Foxtel Now' to your Foxtel box? (This is your question asked another way)...

A 'DISH' INTERNET' service 'should' do it, BUT that WILL be "VERY expensive" because VIDEO usually takes GIGABYTES of bandwidth = HIGH costs to do so!...

"Some" link VIDEO/TV via a cellphone connection with "unlimited data"... NOW things become in focus... NOT cheap I know... but neither is getting 'serviced' by a Dish company!

In theory.. as long as you get a cellphone dial tone you get 'Unlimited' Internet Data....

"Yo-Ho-Yo-Ho-A Pi...


RVs | Answered on May 18, 2019

EASY WAY... dump and rinse your grey tank "thoroughly"!

Now refill with fresh water "to the max"... Using a 5 gallon "Jerry can", see how many times you had to empty same?

Now rinse your Jerry well...

You are asking about a Camper made 13 years ago...


RVs | Answered on May 18, 2019

TRUTH IS... too many CAMPER/TRAILER installations (like yours) are installed with no documentation and no schematics! YOU need a 'electrician-like' friend with a ohm meter, a voltmeter and probably a ladder... PLUS the willingness to track bad circuits down.

Too many "installs", upgrades etc happen MOSTLY because of "demand" and USUALLY WITHOUT documentation! Too often "things change" and so do plans (schematics) AND the actual parts used as well as wiring and connections!

Start at your control switch(es)... is voltage is there? If so, are the switches still 'good'? DO they still provide voltage to the "other side" of the switches? Many times weak (under powered) switches are installed and after a year or two... (maybe five)... they fail! They may look perfectly OK "outside"... but internally remain 'open'... and don't let a switch 'snap' fool you.

SO many things can go wrong! Now "Backtracking" and fixing requires time and patience... Often testing and searching reveals other problems about to happen,,, so fix them too.

So you see, asking for schematics/wiring for a "2005 Camper" is asking A LOT because then (like now) SO MANY 'things' change ~ from the drawing board to the finished item!

In example, I doubt if your awning was 'stock'?

As always, because it's mostly "low voltage" wiring, few agencies care until a camper burns down and lives are lost.

Example.. I bought a 2008 motor home (Harvest) and trust me.. SO many "things" were "CAMPER company" installed! This was especially true with the Onan generator and it' starting and stop switching... So I didn't dare go anywhere without a multi-meter, Romex and wire connectors to troubleshoot and bypass as needed.

Wish I could be more helpful to you, but I urge you to look at the 'big picture'...Ask a retired electrician or even a ham radio operator to help! Later IF the "tech" drew out a schematic or wiring diagram... it MAY help you (or a mechanic on the road) to quick troubleshooting!


RVs | Answered on May 18, 2019

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