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How to find a speed sensor 2003 Aztek 3.4 L for dummies like me

1st if you open the hood of your Aztec. If you look to your left find your serpentine belt and follow it from front to back In order you have your water pump, next your Power steering pump. On the backside of your power steering pump you have two metal lines that run down behind the serpentine belt toward front passenger side tire. Best way to find it. pull tire off stick your pointer finger on either line follow that line as it goes toward the back of the motor or transfer case. Its the only Sensor with in a inch of those lines the 1st 12 inch in under the fender. If by chance your a rookie like me and you take on a Head gasket. Pay attention when assembling the steering pump back to its carriage.. Double and triple check that the lines don't pinch the cheap pig tail assembly that can create havoc on a couple things. 1st The speedometer wont work, 2 ND while driving done the road your transmission will not shift up with your speed and rpm. Again I'm a rookie but have commonsense...

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1 Answer

need to replace serpentine belt

Open the hood of your Prizm and locate the negative battery terminal on the battery. Loosen the clamp bolt on the negative battery cable end with a wrench and remove the cable from the battery terminal. Isolate the battery cable from the battery terminals while you are working.

  • 2 Locate the serpentine belt tensioner on the front of the engine; it is on the left as you look at it from the front. Place a breaker bar and socket on the bolt in the center of the tensioner and rotate it counterclockwise, releasing the tension on the belt.
  • 3 Slide the belt off the tensioner, rotate the tensioner back to the free arm position, and then remove the belt from the rest of the pulleys. Discard the old belt and install the new belt onto the pulleys, paying careful attention to the belt path.
  • 4 Rotate the tensioner counterclockwise with the breaker bar and socket, then slide the belt onto it. The path for the belt is printed on a sticker placed under the hood of the car, normally on the radiator support, so be sure to follow it if you are unsure how the belt is routed.
  • 5 Rotate the tensioner clockwise, allowing it to tighten the belt. Remove the socket and breaker bar from the tensioner, then install the negative battery cable on the battery terminal. Tighten the clamp bolt with a wrench and close the hood.
  • Nov 10, 2011 | 1996 Geo Prizm

    1 Answer

    remove and replace alternator


    Just follow these steps to remove and replace the alternator. You will need this tools, Serpentine belt tool, Battery wrench, Lug wrench, Floor jack, Jack stand, Socket set,

    1. Open the hood, locate the serpentine belt tensioner and move the tensioner off the
      serpentine belt with the serpentine belt tool. Slip the belt off the tensioner
      pulley with your other hand and then slowly move the tensioner back to its normal
      position. You can pinpoint the location of the belt tensioner by following the belt
      routing diagram, printed on the fan shroud.
    2. Disconnect the negative battery cable from the battery with the battery wrench.
      Push the cable end away from the battery so it doesn't make contact during the
    3. Turn the lug nuts on the right-front wheel counterclockwise until they're loose
      enough for hand removal, but leave them on for now.
    4. Lift the right-front end with the floor jack and support it on a jack stand placed
      underneath the right-front frame. Remove the lug nuts and right-front wheel by hand
      and set them aside.
    5. Slip the serpentine belt off the alternator pulley by hand. You can access the
      alternator through the wheel well. Unplug the wiring harness from the alternator
      by hand and remove the ground strap with your socket set.
    6. Remove the alternator mounting bolts with your socket set. Lift the alternator out
      of the engine well, through the wheel well. Insert the new alternator in reverse of
      how you removed the old one.
    7. Thread the alternator mounting bolt through the new alternator and into the
      alternator bracket by hand. Tighten the bolts with your socket set.
    8. Attach the alternator ground strap with your socket set. Plug the alternator
      wiring harness in by hand.
    9. Slip the serpentine belt over the new alternator pulley. Reinstall the wheel and
      lug nuts by hand. Lower the Taurus of the jack stand with the floor jack.
    10. Move the belt tensioner aside again and place the belt on the tensioner pulley with
      your free hand. Hold the belt on the pulley and slowly move the tensioner back to
      its normal position. Reconnect the negative battery cable to the battery.
    Hope this helps you.
    Take care and good luck

    Jan 08, 2011 | 2002 Ford Taurus

    2 Answers

    change serpentine belt on 06 sienna

    1. 1 Check to ensure the Sienna's engine is cold, then make sure the Sienna is in park, the ignition is in the off position and the key is removed from the ignition to prevent any possibility of the engine engaging during the serpentine belt replacement.
    2. 2 Open the hood and locate the serpentine belt routing diagram sticker on the side of the engine casing. Study it for a moment before removing the existing belt. It is essential the new belt be installed exactly as the diagram indicates.
    3. 3 Find the tensioner pulley, the main pulley that controls the serpentine belt, and fit a 1/2-inch socket wrench over the self-tensioner on the outside of the pulley.
    4. 4 Pull the wrench to the left to move the pulley forward, which loosens the belt, then remove the belt.
    5. 5 Compare the old serpentine belt with the new, replacement belt for length, width and number of grooves on the belt's underside. Be certain the replacement belt is the right part.
    6. 6 Fit the new belt on to each pulley according to the serpentine belt routing diagram on the manufacturer's sticker, or according to the drawing made prior to removing the old belt. Fit the new belt on to the tensioner pulley last, again applying pressure on the pulley's self-tensioner with the half-inch socket wrench to loosen the pulley.
    7. 7 Release the pressure on the self tensioner and allow the tensioner pulley to ease back into place, thereby tightening the new serpentine belt with the appropriate tension.
    8. 8 Remove the wrench and close the hood.
    Thank you and good luck,

    Aug 26, 2010 | 2006 Toyota Sienna

    1 Answer

    serpentine belt routing


    The detailed solution provided below will be of great help to you,just follow the steps carefully;

    1.Raise the hood of your Subaru and support it with the prop rod. Locate the negative battery cable at the negative battery terminal. Remove the retaining bolt from the battery cable end with a wrench and separate the cable from the terminal.
    Find the serpentine belt tensioner on the front of the engine and place a socket on the apex bolt in the center of the idler pulley. Attach a breaker bar to the socket and rotate the tensioner clockwise until the belt is loose, then remove it from the pulleys. Rotate the tensioner back to the home position and let it sit there for now.

    Install the new serpentine belt over all the pulleys except the tensioner pulley. It is important that the belt follow the correct path over the pulleys. If you are unsure of the path, look for the sticker under the hood with the belt-path diagram on it.

    Rotate the tensioner clockwise far enough to install the belt around the pulley on the tensioner, then slowly rotate the tensioner back to the home position. The tensioner will tighten the belt correctly and no adjustment is required.

    Install the negative battery cable back on the negative battery terminal and install the retaining bolt. Tighten the bolt with a wrench, then close the hood.

    Problem solved,

    Good luck!!

    Aug 07, 2010 | 2002 Subaru Outback

    1 Answer

    92 buick le saber---changing plug wires... rear cylinders are even, front are odd... from left (passenger side) to right(drv. side) what order is correct?? PLEASE help. am poor single father and mechanicaly stoooopid.

    If you stand at front of car with hood open, the left side of the engine (side with serpentine belt) is where the numbers start. Odd cylinder closest to serpentine belt is cylinder 1 and even cylinder closest to serpentine belt is cylinder 2. The cylinders are in numeric order, for example: the cylinder next to cylinder 1 is cylinder 3.

    Apr 23, 2010 | 1992 Buick LeSabre

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